environmental education on Payette Lake McCall Idaho

K12 Residential School Programs

Think of it as the ultimate field trip! Classes are conducted in a coniferous forest, at the edge of a mountain stream, on the shore of a lake, and in a meadow. The most useful tools for learning are readily available; the students' five senses. The subject of ecosystem science serves as the context for standards-based study of science, technology, mathematics, and language arts. Operating in the fall, winter, and spring these 4-5 day programs provide an unforgettable learning experience for 5th and 6th grade public, private, charter and homeschool students. We can customize our programs to meet your specific academic or social development goals.

Students typically learn in small teams and are taught by University of Idaho graduate students, faculty, and staff. Each day, teams of 8-10 students accompany their instructors to field sites to scientifically characterize local ecosystems. They collect data on local atmospheric conditions, vegetative cover, soil characteristics, and aquatic ecosystems' physical, chemical, and biological conditions. Finally, students work with fellow teammates and instructors to develop their own inquiry projects which they present to their classmates, teachers, and parents at the end of the week.

The 5 "Cs" - communication, collaboration, caring, connection, and cooperation - are reinforced during the entire week, in the field, while sharing chores, and in small group living. Team-building and mutual respect are important components of our field programs. New life skills in communication and group decision-making are the result when students participate in a series of low-ropes elements. Clear communication, respect (for ourselves and others), and teamwork are stressed through active metaphor.Low instructor-student ratios allow us to give abundant individualized attention. To enroll, please visit our Residential Program enrollment form.

If a participant has a disability, food or drug allergy, dietary requirements or any condition requiring accommodation, contact Disability Support Services (208) 885-6307 at least one week (7 days) prior to the start of the Activity.  If your school provides specific services for students—for example but not limited to interpreters, braille, one on one aids, etc.—your school will still be responsible for providing these services while students are at MOSS.  

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

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