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Cost of MOSS Programs

We are working toward providing more financial support to participants who need it most! Over the next five years, it is our goal is to continue to lower the cost for these youth through grants and donations.  

Fee Schedule: 2024-2025

Five Day Program
Regular Rate: $325/student
Reduced Lunch Rate: $275/student
Free Lunch Rate: $225/student
7:1 Ratio Teacher/Chaperone Rate: Free!*
Teacher/Chaperone Rate beyond the 7:1 Ratio: $178

Four Day Program
Regular Rate: $315/student
Reduced Lunch Rate: $265/student
Free Lunch Rate: $215/student
7:1 Ratio Teacher/Chaperone Rate: Free!*
Teacher/Chaperone Rate beyond the 7:1 Ratio: $133.50


Cost of MOSS Programs

  • Teachers and chaperones (up to a 7:1 ratio) can attend MOSS at no cost. For example, a school with 35 students can have 5 teachers and chaperones attend for free. Each teacher and chaperone beyond this ratio will be charged the Teacher/Chaperone Rate.
  • Students who attend MOSS and are qualified to receive either free or reduced meals at school, will be charged a reduced program fee. The school will be asked to provide the number of students that qualify for the federal meal program during the program week.
  • Fees cover all costs of our program. This includes meals, lodging and a great week of education. *travel to and from MOSS is not included.
  • Students pay a portion of the total cost of the program, with the rest underwritten by grants, gifts and research dollars. 
  • The size of the group you bring to MOSS determines if you will share our facilities with another school. The ideal group size for our campus is about 70 students . If your group is less than 70 students, it is likely campus will be shared with another group.


Contact Elizabeth Kochevar, if you would like to discuss bringing your class to MOSS and possible funding opportunities

  • The “Refer a School” Program – If your school is returning for at least your second residential program and you refer a school to MOSS and that school secures a four or five-day residential program, your school will receive a 10% discount. Contact to set this up.

  • The UI Foundation Tax Deduction Program allows individuals to maximize the tax benefit of supporting a school's trip to MOSS

  • Idaho STEM Ecosystem Grants: Idaho STEM Ecosystem

  • Transportation Grants:  Idaho Space Grant Consortium

  • STEM Equity Grants:  Idaho National Laboratory

If your district or family can pay the true cost of a program, we welcome you to do so! This helps us to meet the needs of others who are not in the same position.

All deposits are non-refundable and due within 30 days of receiving the confirmation letter. Your deposit is either $750 or 5 percent of your projected total cost, whichever is the greater amount. See your confirmation letter for your specific deposit amount.

Should your school want to move dates within the school year, we will do our best to make the transition. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a move and in the event you need to cancel, the deposit remains non-refundable.

If program cancellation or a major modification occurs 30 days or sooner prior to the program start date, your school will be responsible for paying 100 percent of what the total bill would have been.

Should your school arrive on the incorrect start date, you will be responsible for the entire projected bill regardless if special accommodations are made.

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