Graduate student teaching

The Academic Experience

Master of Science in Natural Resources | Environmental Education Emphasis

The graduate program in environmental education at the McCall Outdoor Science School includes a 9 1/2-month residency at the McCall Field Campus on Payette Lake, a non-thesis research project, a 2-month summer internship plus one additional semester at the University of Idaho Moscow campus. In just 16 months, you can earn both a certificate in environmental education and a master's in Natural Resources. Some of the courses you might take are included in the list below. Ultimately, final course schedules will be determined by the student and their graduate advisor.

  • Analysis of Scientific Lit (1 cr.)
  • Community Ecology for Environmental Educators (3 cr.)
  • Field Science Teaching (2 cr.)
  • Place-based Environmental Education (3 cr.)
  • Environmental Education Teaching Practicum I, II, III (2 cr. Ea.)
  • Leadership for the Environmental Educator (2 cr.)
  • Principles of Research II (2 cr.)
  • Advanced Field Ecology Course Design (5 cr.)
  • Graduate Proposal Writing (1 cr.)
  • Natural Resource Policy (3 cr.)
  • Theories of Environmental Behavior (3 cr.)
  • Non-thesis project research (2 cr.)