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Environmental Education and Science Communication - Academic Graduate Certificate

Are you enrolled in a graduate program, and want to incorporate meaningful science communication and outreach experience into your degree?

The MOSS Graduate Certificate is designed for motivated Ph.D. or M.S. students who wish to diversify their skill set and broaden the impact of their graduate work by developing expertise in science outreach and communication. Students spend nine months participating in select coursework, outreach, and TA experiences at the McCall Field Campus while continuing their graduate degree. The certificate program provides in-depth coursework in communication and outreach skills, and is customized to individual needs and goals of students. Students continue to work under their home advisor and thesis/dissertation committee, and are matched with an additional MOSS faculty advisor for guidance and supervision on Certificate-related work. Students in this option may be co-enrolled at any university.

If you have further questions, please contact Graduate Program Coordinator, Leslie Dorsey, at or call 208-885-1085.

Orientation Block:
NRS 562 Field Science Teaching (2 cr)

Fall Content Block (two of the following three courses):
NRS 560 Place-based Ecology I (4 cr)
NRS 563 Place Based Env. Education (4 cr)
NRS 575 Leadership for the Environmental Educator (2 cr)

Winter Content Block:
NRS 564 Teaching Environmental Education in a Winter Environment (2 cr)

Spring Content Block (one of the following courses):
NRS 565 Science Communication and the Environment (4 cr)
NRS 566 Place-based Ecology II (4 cr)

Teaching Practicum Block (both of the following courses):
NRS 567 Environmental Education Teaching Practicum I (2 cr)
NRS 568 Environmental Education Teaching Practicum II (2 cr)

Research Block (2 cr of the following):
NRS 500 Master's Research and Thesis (1-16 cr)
NRS 502 Directed Study (1-16 cr)
NRS 600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation (1-45 cr)

*NOTE: NRS 500 only for students seeking this certificate to complement current M.S. thesis program.

**NOTE: NRS 600 only for students seeking this certificate to complement current Ph.D. program

Courses to total 20 credits for this certificate


Kathryn Baker

Education: B.A. Biology, Colorado College.

Experience: university instructor for Forest Ecology and Climate Change & You, graduate research and teaching assistant in tree ecophysiology, education director, ranch hand, native aquatic biology field technician, wilderness fire ecology field technician, backpacking guide, wilderness first responder.

Interests: trees, trail running, skiing, Yarrow the dog.


Karie Boone

Ph.D Candidate, Geosciences, Water Governance in the West. M.A. in Environmental and Rural Development Sociology, both at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. B.A in Food Systems and Social Change, University of California Santa Cruz.
Experience: Research assistantships, Colorado Water Institute, Fort Collins, CO. Co-instructor for Integrated Natural Resource Management and teaching assistantships for various Sociology classes. Lead researcher with the Center for Collaborative Conservation, Fort Collins, CO. Education Program Director with the Community Agroecology Network, Santa Cruz, CA.


Ileana M. Freytes-Ortiz

Ph.D. Candidate Marine Science, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
B.S. Integrative Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR
Experience: NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Fish Ecology Lab, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; Marketing Committee Chair, St. Petersburg Science Festival, St. Petersburg, FL; Marine Science Instructor, Oceanography Camp for Girls, St. Petersburg, FL; Marine Science Instructor, Girls, Inc. of Pinellas, Pinellas Park, FL; Chesapeake Conservation Corps Fellow, CASA de Maryland, Hyattsville, MD; Undergraduate Research Assistant, Seagrass Ecology Lab, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Dauphin Island, AL; Undergraduate Research Assistant, Symbiosis Lab, Shannon Point Marine Center, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; PADI Advanced Diver Certified (2011), Chemistry Teaching Assistant, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR


Andy Maguire

Education: B.A. Biology and Environmental Science: Conservation Biology – Colby College; Waterville, ME. M.S. in Wildlife and Conservation Biology – University of New Hampshire; Durham, NH.

Experience: Graduate research and teaching assistant; visiting naturalist and educator; data and research technician; Conservation and Land Management intern with BLM and NPS.

Interests: ecology and earth sciences, maps, running, hiking, skiing, biking, and baking.


Mark Robbins

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Michigan, Earth and Environmental Sciences. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI | B.A. Geology, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Experience: Research Assistant, University of Michigan, MI; Field Researcher, Narsarsuaq, Greenland; Field Researcher, Alberta, Canada; Graduate Student Instructor, Ann Arbor, MI; Graduate Student Instructor, Jackson, WY; Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Rifle, CO; Research Assistant, University of Colorado Department of Geological Sciences, Boulder, CO; Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Boulder, CO.


Hannah L. Smith, Ph.D. Student

B.S. in Business Management & Recreation - Marriot School of Business, Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah

M.S. Conservation Leadership – Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado

Experience: Environmental Leadership Development; Collaborative Conservation; Environmental & Wilderness Educator; Trail Work and Recreation Access- Alaska; Marine Debris Removal; Ecotourism; Carbon Credit Financing; Ecosystem Services; Climate Change Adaptation; Youth Leadership Development; Programmatic Design; International Consulting Work with INGOs; Outdoor Enthusiast; Tomahawk Chucker; Entrepreneur; Musician


Christina T. Uh

B.S. Environmental Science, Portland State University (PSU), Portland, OR.

Experience: PATHWAYS Intern, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Jr. Faculty, Inter-Tribal Youth Climate Leadership Congress; Aquatic Vertebrate Breeding Facility Technician, PSU; Native American Student and Community Center; Orientation Leader, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, PSU; Volunteer Lamprey and Salmonid Monitoring, Johnson Creek Watershed; Volunteer Moderator, AFS Oregon Chapter Annual Meeting; Chapter President & Secretary, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, PSU Student Chapter.

Interests: I enjoy learning and generally nerding out, spending time with my family, camping, hiking, reading, dragonboating, and cuddling with my dog.


Ethan White Temple

Enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and descendant of the Nez Perce Tribe

B. S. Social Science with emphasis on Anthropology, Lewis & Clark State College, Lewiston, ID.

Experience: H.O.I.S.T. lab intern at University of Idaho, Moscow, ID; EPSCoR Lab tech University of Idaho, Moscow, ID; Intern Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Washington D.C; Shuttle driver for Native American/ Minority Students, Lewiston, ID; Soft Count Crew Member Nez Perce tribe, Lewiston, ID; IKEEP administrative Assistant, Moscow, ID; H.O.I.S.T. Mentor, Moscow, ID Study Abroad

Experiences: Ecuador

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