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Sheralynn Bauder

Sheralynn Bauder

Treasure Valley Education Partnerships Partnership Coordinator, Boise, Idaho.

Favorite thing you like about your work:
We work to advance education initiatives and address needs in the treasure valley by working within a Collective Impact framework. We gather school districts, universities, businesses, and foundations to the table to collect and analyze data that will inform decisions and policies surrounding education in Idaho. I love gaining new skills in both grant writing and development that are transferable across so many fields! Also I love my coworkers :)

Based on your own experience, what did you get out of your time at MOSS and why would you recommend it to someone else?
Having an MS in Natural Resources through MOSS really gave me an edge when applying for jobs, but it also gave me the experience I needed to DO my job. When job hunting, I was able to confidently articulate the EE and science research skills I had gained in a way that connected directly to the position I applied for. MOSS was the perfect combination of the experience I needed and the degree to back it up on paper. I wouldn’t have my job now without MOSS, and I constantly find my-self reflecting on course work and things I learned while at MOSS that are so relevant and applicable to the current decisions I make as Education Coordinator. I also would never have met my husband, so there’s that too.

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