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Latin American Studies Requirements

The program in Latin American studies is a multidisciplinary major that prepares students to take advantage of professional opportunities arising from the region’s growing political and economic importance. 120 credits are required for the major.


  • University requirements (regulation J-3) and general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, including Spanish for the foreign language requirement.

  • LAS306/SPAN 306 Culture and Institutions of Latin America (3 credits)

  • One of the following:

    • FLEN 391/LAS 391 Hispanic Film (3 credits)

    • FLEN 394/LAS 394 Latin American Literature in Translation (3 credits)

  • One of the following:

    • HIST 438/LAS 438 Modern Mexico and the Americas (3 credits)

    • HIST 439/LAS 439 Modern Latin America (3 credits)

  • 27 Credits of the following courses (Students may also take the optional courses listed above, at least six of which must be Spanish credits.):

    • ANTH 220 Peoples of the World (3 credits)

    • ANTH 462/LAS 462 Human Issues in International Development (3 credits)

    • ECON 447/AGEC 447/LAS 447 International Development Economics (3 credits)

    • HIST 315/LAS 315 Comparative African-American Cultures (3 credits)

    • HIST 440/LAS 440 Social Revolution in Latin America (3 credits)

    • HIST 441/LAS 441 Slavery and Freedom in the Americas (3 credits)

    • IS 320 Model United Nations (2 credits)

    • IS 321 UN and Related Agencies (2 credit)

    • NRS 493/LAS 493 International Land Preservation and Conservation Systems (3 credits)

    • POLS 449 World Politics and War (3 credits)

    • POLS 480 Politics of Development (3 credits)

    • SPAN 402 Spanish American Literature (3 credits)

    • SPAN 404 Special Topics (1-16 credits)

    • SPAN 409 Modern Latin American Society (3 credits)

    • SPAN 411 Chicano and Latino Literature (3 credits)

    • SPAN 413 Spanish American Short Fiction (3 credits)

    • SPAN 419 Latin American Theatre Through Literature (3 credits)

    • SPAN 421 Bilingual and Bicultural Literature (3 credits)

    • SPAN 422 Mexican Culture through Cinema (3 credits)

    • SPAN 424 Human Rights and Hispanic Cinema (3 credits)

  • MLC capstone course based on international experience or alternative project if no study abroad (1 credit)

  • Take Avant’s STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) exit exam before applying for graduation

Students who elect to take ECON 447/AGEC 447/LAS 447 are strongly urged to take HIST 101-HIST 102 (History of Civilization) during their freshman year.

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