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Exam Proctors

Some Independent Study in Idaho courses require a proctor, including the following:

If you have a question about the proctor status of the course(s) you plan to enroll in, please email the ISI office prior to registration.

If your course requires a proctor, you are responsible for finding a qualified person to supervise the exam process, proctor exams, and return completed exams to ISI. The selection of an independent, non-biased proctor protects the student from allegations of academic dishonesty and maintains the standards of the region’s accrediting agency.

To establish a proctor for your ISI courses, follow these three steps in order:

  • First, find a qualified proctor in your area. A qualified proctor is:
    • A college/university/K-12 administrator or instructor
    • An official testing center at a college/university
    • An educational officer of a corporation, military installation, or correctional facility
    • A certified librarian at a library, college/university, or K-12 school.
  • A qualified proctor is NOT:
    • A friend, family member, or member of your household
    • A personal or educational mentor, tutor, or advisor
    • A coworker (including an employer or supervisor)
    • An athletic coach, assistant coach, or athletic administrator
    • A substitute teacher, retired teacher, or current student
    • Anyone who does not have a professional email address. 

To help you find a qualified proctor, Independent Study in Idaho has compiled a list of proctors our students have worked with in the past. If there is no proctor on our list near you, try contacting testing centers at colleges/universities near you or your local library to see if they can proctor your exams. Additionally, you can look at the NCTA Consortium of College Testing website for testing center locations.

Please note: Students residing outside of the USA must select an English fluent proctor. Proctor verification and distribution of exams may take longer when working with proctors outside of the USA.

  • Next, contact the proctor you found and ask for the following information:
    • Confirmation that they are proctoring exams in person during the time you’ll be enrolled in your ISI course.
    • Any fees you may need to pay to have your exams proctored with them (you are responsible for paying any fees for proctoring).
    • Contact information for the proctor, including the following:
      • Proctor name and work title
      • Educational institution name
      • Daytime phone number
      • Website URL
      • Work email address
      • Mailing address, including street number and name, city, state, zip code

Please note: students are responsible for paying fees that proctors charge for their services.

  • Finally, once you’ve collected the required information from the proctor, submit a completed Proctor Information Form at least two weeks before scheduling your first exam. Do not submit a completed Proctor Information Form without first contacting the proctor.

After you submit the Proctor Information Form, the ISI office will verify your proctor and will arrange to send exams to your proctor. You will receive an email from the ISI office once your proctor has been verified.


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