Student Participation in Hands-on Live Animal Laboratories

Live animal use as teaching tools is a privilege that can result in increased learning retention over non-animal alternatives and can provide essential skill sets for continuing on within your chosen academic and professional field. Your instructor and teaching assistants have been specially trained in the procedures you will be conducting during your course laboratories. All procedures have been reviewed and approved by the University of Idaho Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). As a student enrolled in a course that uses animals you should be aware of the animal welfare regulations governing the use of animals in your class.

To aid the student in learning these responsibilities the IACUC has made available access to online animal care and use training through the AALAS Learning Library (ALL). If you are interested in completing any of the more than 100+ courses available speak with your course instructor. There are no additional fees for these courses nor will they appear on your academic transcript.