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  • I can't find the answer to my questions. Who can I talk to?
    The Campus Veterinarian (208-885-8958, is available to answer questions regarding animal care and use at the University of Idaho, procedures related to securing and maintaining approval for the use of animals, animal care issues, and any other questions you may have regarding the animal care and use program. You may also contact any IACUC committee member with questions.
  • I am using contracted animal services in my protocol. Whom do I contact?
    Notification of contract services for animal use is needed when using contract animal services with outside organizations, such as for antibody production.

    All contract services in which live animals are used to produce the desired service endpoint and are funded by federal agencies must be through companies with a valid PHS Animal Welfare Assurance. You must notify the IACUC of your intent to use these services. Be sure to include both the funding agency for your project and the contractor you intend to use. Notify the IACUC.
  • I can't find the animal care and use protocol form. Where is it?
    You should always come to the website and download the most recent version of the protocol form for application. It is updated as needs arise. Failure to use the current form may result in delays in your approval. The form is located in the  Forms section which can be accessed using the menu to the left. Depending upon how you have your web browser configured, your word processor may automatically start and open the file or you will be prompted to save it to disk. In both cases you need to save the file to a disk (network, hard drive or floppy) before you can save changes.
  • What are the record retention requirements for my project?
    You are required to maintain appropriate medical and procedural records for 3 years after the last time an animal was used on a protocol, or after the life of an animal, whichever is later.
  • Where can I find species specific standard operating procedures?
  • When is the next training session being offered?
    Minimum training is available via an online training system. Full instructions are available using the Training link to the left. Hands on training sessions are provided according to the needs of individual protocols.
  • How do I request a veterinary examination?
    For non-emergency requests to have a veterinarian examine your research animals, E-mail

    For emergencies, contact the Campus Veterinarian at 208-885-8958.
  • How do I obtain surgical supplies, prescription drugs, anesthetics and painkillers for use on my research animals?
    By law, the attending veterinarian must approve the use, frequency, dosage and route of administration for all drugs used on research animals. Please contact the Campus Veterinarian (, 208-885-8958) directly for more information on processes to follow.