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Note: Bold face listings indicate an illustration. Most issues contain information on recent publications; see separate list of publications reviewed.

1(1), March 1984
Funs trays. Visiting the Collection.

1(2), June 1984
The Kam Wah Chung Museum in John Day, OR. Conference papers. Japanese artifacts in the Collection. Ceramic cones.

1(3), September 1984
Chinese sites in Oregon. The "lúo sen jian zhì" mark. The Chinese Temple in Oroville, CA. Chinese in Wyoming.

1(4), December 1984
Canadian Chinese collections at Victoria and Barkerville, BC. Japanese in Wyoming. Square soy sauce pots. [This is an example of changing terminology. These are now called spouted jars.]

2(1), March 1985
Proposed name change to Asian Comparative Collection. Excavations at sites in CA, ID, and WA. Continuing research on square soy sauce pots and the "lúo sen..." mark. Artifact modified from Chinese ceramic liquor bottle to rice bowl. Conference papers.

2(2), June 1985
Conference papers. Opium can transliteration project. XRF analysis project.

2(3), September 1985
Japanese and Chinese in Hawai'i. Opium can update. "Chinese Walls." Unknown brass object.


2(4), December 1985
Travel to Collections grant. Opium lamp wick supports.

3(1), March 1986
San Jose's "Chinatown." Japanese medicine bottles. Pecked characters on Chinese ceramics. Standardization of terminology.

3(2), June 1986
Collections to visit in CA, ID, MT, OR, WA, and Canada. Basketry-covered Chinese ceramic containers.


3(3), September 1986
Site reports, CA and ID. Japanese American National Museum being established in Los Angeles. Chinese in Peru. Japanese blue on white teapot. Pecked character update.

3(4), December 1986
Artifact terminology summary. Chinese marriages (CA). Conference papers. Oval opium cans. Dissertation on New Zealand's Chinese.

4(1), March 1987
"Three Circles and Two Dragonflies?" Chinese sites in CA. Japanese Americans. "Bamboo Clump" pattern ceramics. Insert, reprint of article on preservation and restoration of Quesnel Forks, BC, by Richard Wright.

4(2), June 1987
More Chinese marriages (CA). Japanese heritage project. Chinese earring. Insert, Liquor bottle terminology, by Roderick Sprague.

4(3), September 1987
"Asian" or "Oriental?" Unusual opium pipe cleaners. Plum blossom symbolism. Small Chinese food jar with bored holes, from Australia.

4(4), December 1987
Polly Bemis museum opens (ID). Chinese herb garden (CA). Opium pipe bowls found in Hawai'i and Arkansas. Polychrome porcelain sherds from CA.

5(1), March 1988
"China Ditch" protection (near Roseburg, OR). California Asian numismatic survey. Chinese in Arkansas. Sake cup.

5(2), June 1988
AACC Endowment Fund established. Chinese site in Utah. Excavations (ID). Chinese porcelaneous stoneware from Nevada.

5(3), September 1988
Japanese American women project. Chinese documents (ID). Chinese in West Texas. Laundry sprayer.

5(4), December 1988
Endowment fund. Laundry sprayer update. Small metal spoon.

6(1), March 1989
"Chinaman's Spring," Yellowstone Park. Chew Kee Store, Fiddletown, CA. "Chinese prefabs?" Modern bottles from Asia.

6(2), June 1989
Field schools (ID, NV). Rice bowl from Alaska. Dangerous medicines. Insert, Soy sauce in Coca-Cola bottles; names of people buried in Chinese cemetery (near Warren, ID); Cast metal object.

6(3), September 1989
Excavations at Warren, ID and Napa, CA. "Research Note," by Robert L. Schuyler (Chinese ingot). Insert, Indian headdress decorated with Chinese coins.

6(4), December 1989
Chinese terraced gardens and Mon-Tung sites (ID). Salmon canneries (OR). Artifacts from excavations in Los Angeles. Updates on previous topics. Insert, "Sycee Silver in Oklahoma?" by Thomas N. Layton; Japanese American Library (CA).

7(1), March 1990
"Florida's Opium Industry." Medallion. Insert, major Newsletter contents.

7(2), June 1990
Japanese medallion update. Chinese sites on the National Forests. Modified Chinese can. Insert, Japanese American home movies; Philippine gold exhibit; Ceramics with pecked characters; Chinese toothbrushes; Chinese in Alaska; Japanese in British Columbia.

7(3), September 1990
Computer program on Chinese in San Jose, CA. Chinese in Australia. Chinese in Centerville, ID. Opium smuggling.

7(4), December 1990
Asian American videotape. Yellowstone's "Chinese Spring." Chinese ceramic sherds. Insert, Chinese in Winnemucca, NV, and Rock Springs, WY.

8(1), March 1991
Asian photographic catalogue. Chinese bricks. Insert, "Modified Material Culture and Smuggling," by Paul G. Chace.

8(2), June 1991
Bibliography of Chinese in Australia and New Zealand. Chinese sites in Canada. Unusually-marked opium can sealing strip. National Register Chinese and Japanese sites in California. Insert, reprinted article on Metro Rail excavations, Los Angeles, by Irene Chang, with artifact illustrations.

8(3), September 1991
Chinese sites in Oregon. Conference, "Racism and the Labour Market in a Historical Perspective." Chinese artifacts from Astoria, OR. Insert, "Ceramic Cones," by Roderick Sprague.

8(4), December 1991
Chinese artifacts from California's Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. Cone. Insert, "Enstampments on 'Duty Paid' Imports," by Paul G. Chace, and "Clarification of 'Enstampments' on Opium Can Sealing Strips," by Ron James.

9(1), March 1992
Chinese rock structures in Oregon. Japanese container. Harada house in Riverside, CA. Insert, "The Universal Overseas Site; A Predictable Ceramic Assemblage," by Alison T. Stenger.

9(2), June 1992
Contents of Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese. Review of Violet Kazue de Cristoforo's "J'Accuse." Chinese can.

9(3), September 1992
Chinese in Phoenix, AZ. Japanese American and Korean American exhibits. Chinese cans. Insert, Archival materials in Utah repositories on Chinese and Japanese in the West; Interviews mentioning Chinese in Idaho; Manzanar; Japanese in Canada and San Francisco.

9(4), December 1992
Japanese American labor camps, CA. Celadon. Wooden mystery object. Ballast Point whaling station and Chinese kitchen, CA.

10(1), March 1993
Upcoming excavations (OR, ID). Amulet, charm, or talisman. Insert, Bibliography on the Chinese in Australasia; Tanaka family sought; Yasui Brothers store, Hood River, OR; Sierra Club's Chinese employees.

10(2), June 1993
Japanese American exhibits. Chinese in Arizona. Japanese ceramics from the Marianas. Insert, Chinese well in Australia.

10(3), September 1993
Chinese and Indians. Chinese in early store ledgers (OR). Redress payments denied. Chinese in New Orleans. Insert, "Chinese Cones II," by Roderick Sprague.

10(4), December 1993
AACC seeks endowment. Chinese site excavation in British Columbia. Japanese American gravestones, Baker City, OR. Insert, Asian American Comparative Collection flier.

11(1), March 1994
Guest editor, Kevon Storie. Bound feet. Chinese sites in Montana. Bowl from Virginiatown, CA.

11(2), June 1994
Granite, OR "Chinese Walls"/Ah Hee Diggings. Journey of the Frolic. Chinese in Nevada. Chinese cans with asymmetrical seams.

11(3), September 1994
Ramen museum in Japan. Chinese exhibit in Nevada. Daniel K. E. Ching Collection. Chinese Temple exhibit, Lewiston, ID. Insert, publications and photocopies available from the Asian American Comparative Collection.

11(4), December 1994
Travel expenses from China to the U.S., 1920s. Chinese urinal.

12(1), March 1995
Chinese women in Nevada photographs. Field trips to Chinese sites. Texaco can with Chinese characters. Insert, Bean sprouts; Mai Wah Museum, Butte, MT; Stewart Culin collections.

12(2), June 1995
Bean sprout cultivation. "Land of Rice." Chinese cemetery in San Francisco. Los Angeles Chinatown. Japanese sake bottles. Insert, "Chinese Cones III," Part 1 by Alvin P. Cohen; Part 2 by Roderick Sprague.

12(3), September 1995
Chinese junks. Missing Japanese Americans. Chinese artifacts from Hill-Carillo Adobe in Santa Barbara, CA. Chinese quern from Québec City. Insert, "The 'Land of Rice' and Foreign Place Names in Japanese and Chinese," by Alvin P. Cohen.

12(4), December 1995
Conferences, exhibits, and tours for 1996. Funeral ephemera.

13(1), March 1996
Chinese place names in California. Summer classes and excavations. Chinese servant paper. Chinese lumbermen. "All White Help."

13(2), June 1996
Thomas Cooper $10,000 bequest to AACC Endowment. Excavations. Native American use of opium and Chinese medicine. Morimoto Soda Works. Insert, "Santa Barbara's Chinese Shrine" by Linda Bentz.

13(3), September 1996
Hatate Papers. Early Chinese and Japanese people in South America. "Japanese" (actually Chinese) in northern Idaho. Chinese in Winnemucca. Sketch of Winnemucca's Chinatown, by the late James R. Chew.

13(4), December 1996
Japanese sites in the Marianas. Watermelon growing in California. AACC technological improvement fund established. Chinese cooking hearth in California. Chinese cooking hearth.

14(1), March 1997
Summer classes and excavations. AACC postcard. Japanese Internment Camp near Kooskia, Idaho. AACC postcard; "Tree of Heaven." Insert: "Chinese Liquors: Terminology and Ingredients," by Trelle A. Morrow.

14(2), June 1997
Exhumations of Central Pacific Railroad workers. Japanese Internment Camp near Kooskia, Idaho. Chinese cemetery brochure. Paper on Chinese servants. Island Mountain, Nevada. Insert: Publications.

14(3), September 1997
California Heritage Digital Archive. Feng shui [fengshui] in Los Angeles. Kooskia Internment Camp update. Chinese in Vancouver, BC. Chinese in Nevada video. Chinese cleavers. Insert: Californians in the China Gold Mines, Chinese Wine Making, Skagway, Santa Barbara Items.

14(4), December 1997
Guest editor, Erika Johnson. Flat top liquor bottles. Pacific Northwest brochure. Web sites. Chinese box bellows.

15(1), March 1998
New AACC brochure. Chinese art available. Concentration camp newspapers. "Tuscarora's Chee Kung Tong," by Sue Fawn Chung. Insert: recent publications.

15(2), June 1998
Report on AAAS Conference. Funerals in Japan. Arts and crafts at Idaho's Kooskia Internment Camp. Insert: "R. H. van Gulik, Diplomat, Orientalist, Novelist," by Henry Wessels.

15(3), September 1998
Editorial, Library of Congress Classification Schedules inaccurate with reference to wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans. Chinese artifacts to be illustrated on CD-ROM. Montana's Mai Wah Society. Exhibit: Guardians and Ghostcatchers: Preparing for Eternity in Ancient China. Insert: "California," by Charles Nordhoff, and "Northern California, Oregon, and Hawaii," by Charles Nordhoff.

15(4), December 1998
AACC Endowment Fund over $38,000. Conferences. Web sites. Chinese mining reservoir.

16(1), March 1999
Computer system purchased from Technological Improvement Fund. Web site updated. Summer opportunities. Unusual depressions on Columbia River shoreline. Insert: Symbols on Chinese liquor bottles.

16(2), June 1999
The AACC has moved. Conferences. Excavations. Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum. Insert: "Ceramic Cones IV and Final," by Roderick Sprague.

16(3), September 1999
Conferences. Chinese Performing Arts Foundation. Crusader against the term "Jap." Powdered opium. Island Mountain/Gold Creek Project, Northern Nevada. Pon Yam House Excavations, Idaho City, Idaho. Insert: "Woolen Mills Chinatown, San Jose, California," by Anmarie Medin.

16(4), December 1999
AACC Endowment Fund nearly $46,000. Request for information on 1887 Snake River Massacre of Chinese miners. Conference. "The Croydon Chinese Temple, Queensland, Australia," by Gordon Grimwade.

17(1), March 2000
Summer opportunities. Chinese and Japanese artifact illustrations on the Web. Arrowtown Chinese Settlement, New Zealand. Insert: "Teat-Fire Cartridges Found at a Chinese Site in Pierce, Idaho," by Erika Johnson.

17(2), June 2000
Proposed book for children about Polly Bemis. Australian "Big Jar."

17(3), September 2000
Review of "The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas," by Terry Abraham. Senryu booklets. Insert, "The Formosan Cradle: Chinese Miners Carry Gold-Mining Technology from California to Taiwan," by James P. McGough.

17(4), December 2000
Web sites for exhibits. Asian laborers in Mexico. "'Shigaraki/Tamba Hannah' Ware." Island Mountain (Nevada) excavations.

18(1), March 2001
Marysville's Chinese Temple. "'Red Dragon' Restaurant Wares." Insert, "Japanese Stencilwares of the Meiji and Taisho Eras," by Leland E. Bibb.

18(2), June 2001
Grant results. Web sites of interest. Chinese and Japanese employees at the Winchester Mystery House. Gravestones as documents. Insert, duplicates for sale.

18(3), September 2001
Lab work opportunity. AACC students and volunteers. "Chinks Peak" renamed. "Enemy alien" exhibit. "Silver City, Idaho, Excavation," by Marilyn (Tutti) Sandmeyer. Insert, "Hope for Last Rural Chinatown [Locke, California]," by Eric Bailey, with photo of Dai Loy Gambling Museum (exterior).

18(4), December 2001
Kooskia Internment Camp slide presentations. Bok Kai Temple. Minidoka Concentration Camp [the AACC now uses "incarceration" instead of "concentration" for these War Relocation Authority (WRA) camps]. Chinese American National Museum. Inside the AACC.

19(1), March 2002
Exhibits. Polly Bemis class. Deadwood's Chinatown. "Golden State Meets Gem State" booklet. San Bernardino Chinatown. Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre. Insert, "Meiji Foreign Office Report on Idaho," edited by Ronald L. James.

19(2), June 2002
Forthcoming children's book about Polly Bemis. "Stacking Rings, Biscuit Bands: A Chinese Bowl from 10-IH-1693 on the Payette National Forest," by Gayle Dixon.

19(3), September 2002
All-Camps Summit. The servants' revenge. Update to "Stacking Rings, Biscuit Bands." Excavations at Minidoka Internment National Monument [this is now Minidoka National Historic Site]. Insert, "Ramifications of Respelling Chinese Names," by Emma Woo Louie.

19(4), December 2002
Minidoka reunion in 2003. "Cemetery Exhumations in Macau," by Priscilla Wegars and Terry Abraham.

20(1), March 2003
Request for information (woks). Passport in Time projects. "Four Flowers" with Bamboo and Orchid. Insert, "Traditional Practices in Contemporary China" [ a funeral], by Linda Sun Crowder.

20(2), June 2003
Precedent for internment? Stanford Lyman obituary. Chinese names for opium-smoking establishments. Web sites of interest. Ceramics from the Kooskia Internment Camp, 10-IH-870. Insert, Mumingtang Ancient Porcelain Samples Museum, Beijing, by Yu Nan, China Daily.

20(3), September 2003
Polly Bemis's 150th birthday. Sushi chef trivia. Opium exhibit. Chinese head tax in Canada. Passport in Time projects. Unusual memorial tablet. Insert, duplicates for sale.

20(4), December 2003
Chinese railroad worker deaths. Exhibits. Review, by Linda B. Arthur, of Dorothy Ko's Every Step a Lotus: Shoes for Bound Feet. Geisha case.

21(1), March 2004
New Zealand's Chinese Heritage. Stereotypes and Admonitions exhibit. Bamboo tallies [also banknotes]. Insert, Miscellaneous Topics, including the opium trade and smuggling, virtual Chinese artifact exhibit, Chinese cemetery studies discussion list, museum of drugs in Thailand.

21(2), June 2004
Japanese Canadian bath site. Asian Americans in the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) and Army Specialized Training Reserve Program (ASTRP). Featured sites for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. King County, WA, images of Asian Americans. White glass jar with Chinese characters. Insert, guest reviews by Linda B. Arthur of Miao Textiles from China and Clothed to Rule the Universe: Ming to Qing Textiles at the Art Institute of Chicago.

21(3), September 2004
Profiles of AACC workers. Exhibits in New York and Oregon. "Bean cake" jars. Insert, "Controversy over Naming of Oregon Site Where Chinese Were Massacred," by R. Gregory Nokes.

21(4), December 2004
Bamboo tallies [also banknotes] revisited. White glass jar revisited. Idaho Library Association awards Honorable Mention to Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer. "Chinaman's Arch" at the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

22(1), March 2005
ID, UT, and WY Japanese immigrants on the Web. Chinese American Museum in Chicago. "Chop Suey Specs," from Exhibit: "Exposing Anti-Asian Racism & Stereotypes: Past & Present." Insert, "Chinese Letters from Pierce, Idaho," by Darby C. Stapp.

22(2), June 2005
Update on Chinese Massacre Cove in Oregon. New booklet, "Asian Americans and the Military's Academic Training Programs (ASTP, ASTRP) at the University of Idaho and Elsewhere during World War II. Minidoka-made doll. Request for information on antique sword-cane. Insert, "Investigations at Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, Portland, Oregon."

22(3), September 2005
Request for information on 'JANUWINE' bottle. Marriage of a Chinese man with an African-American Woman, 1907. Chinese coal mine laborers in census, Black Diamond, Washington. Insert, duplicates for sale.

22(4), December 2005
Publication announced of Chinese American Death Rituals: Respecting the Ancestors, ed. Sue Fawn Chung and Priscilla Wegars. Chinese glass gaming pieces.

23(1), March 2006
'JANUWINE' update. Online publication, "Japanese Americans in World War II." Renaming of "Chinaman's Arch" to "Chinese Arch." Monosodium glutamate can. Insert, "Revisiting Chinese Glass Gaming Pieces," by Priscilla Wegars.

23(2), June 2006
History Detectives episode of interest. Trailer for film on Toraichi Kono, a Kooskia Internment Camp detainee. Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. Rationale for not using the word "Jap." Japanese baths, Panama Hotel, Seattle. "Chinaman's Gulch," Montana. Insert, "Japanese Ceramic Hand Grenades from the Second World War, by Leland E. Bibb.

23(3), September 2006
Kooskia Internment Camp artifacts. Overseas Chinese archaeology in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Chinese rule scales. Newman's Own brand changes Asian stereotype on Low Fat Sesame Ginger salad dressing. Caskets manufactured for Chinese customers.

23(4), December 2006
$38,000,000 for WWII "confinement sites." Wing Lee Chinese Laundry exhibit. Unusual Chinese basket.

24(1), March 2007
Japanese American oral histories. Chinese "roots" program. The National Archeological Database. Summer field school at a Chinese site in Montana. Update on unusual Chinese baskets. DVD on Hells Canyon. A bamboo shoots can from an Oregon site. The "Garden of Infinite Compassion" near Ketchum, Idaho. "Toilet restaurants" in China and Taiwan.

24(2), June 2007
Reviews of three recent publications on Chinese servants, opium antiques, and opium and Chinese exclusion laws.

24(3), September 2007
Manzanar and Minidoka newspapers online. Visiting researchers. Inventory of Chinese cemeteries. "Artifact or 'Artistic License?'" - "Sweet Pea" pattern liquor warmer.

24(4), December 2007
Japanese American-owned barn to be placed on National Register. Gum Saan Journal back issues. History of "Oriental" stereotype. Japanese sea urchin bottle.

25(1), March 2008
Cultural commodification example. Free rice program. "Virtual tour" of Manzanar. Takano Studio negatives. Cantonese immigrants and beef. Opium "Fist Pipe" mystery solved. Insert, "Mary Tong-U Westfall: A Pioneer of Mariposa County, California," by Leland E. Bibb.

25(2), June 2008
Visit to Chinese Massacre Cove. "Under the West" workshop. Meat in the Japanese diet. "Fishing Village Excavation," by Bryn Williams. Insert, "Debunking the Myth of the Water-Cooled Opium Pipe Bowl," by Steven Martin.

25(3), September 2008
"Breathing through Jade." Camp Amache video. Chew Kee Store, Fiddletown, CA. Artifacts [Chinese shoe, disk cut from food jar, lead seal (bale seal)] from the Jacob Ebey House, Whidbey Island, Washington. "Ming Porcelain on the Oregon Coast," by Alison Stenger. Insert, "More about Mary Tong-U Westfall," by Leland E. Bibb.

25(4), December 2008
Frank Chang Museum, Lovelock, NV. "Summary of 'Funs' Trays found at China Gulch, MT (24MN262), by Christopher W. Merritt, Kassy Marjerrison, and Katie Baumler. "Bomb Day" film. Minidoka movie ticket.

26(1), March 2009
Fire destroys Chinese-American Museum of Chicago. Smoke damage to Beuk Aie Temple exhibit, Lewiston, ID. Japanese custom of bowing. Adaptive reuse of spouted jar as teapot. AACC Newsletter anniversary. Insert, "Elemental Analysis of Opium Cans from Archaeological Sites in Montana," by Christopher W. Merritt, with section at 300x magnification.

26(2), June 2009
Lead seals [bale seals]. New Committee of 100 survey. Elusive facts contest. Obituaries, Him Mark Lai and Ronald Takaki. Lewiston, ID, Beuk Aie Temple and "Chinese Medicine/Tonic Laxative" wooden box. Insert, "Archaeology at Amache, Colorado's WWII-Era Japanese American Incarceration Camp," by Bonnie J. Clark, with photos of Japanese and U.S. Quartermaster ceramics, glass juicer fragment, and excavated garden remnant.

26(3), September 2009
Contest results. Request for information on technical analysis of post-1850 Chinese ceramics. More on lead seals [bale seals]. "The Glass Context of Utilitarian [Chinese] Stoneware Containers," by Trelle A. Morrow, illustrating a hexagonal glass ginger jar and two traditional-shape liquor bottles, but in glass. Insert, "Interaction between Marginalized Ethnic Groups in Early 20th Century California," by Stacey Lynn Camp, with illustration of Mount Lowe Resort and Railway workers' household and Lowe Observatory.

26(4), December 2009
URL for a link to a 1944 incarceration camp documentary. 1918 postcard in Japanese. "'Double Happiness' Ceramics," by Gary Weisz. National Park Service grants to World War II confinement sites, including the Kooskia Internment Camp. URL for a link to a probate inventory for a Chinese merchant in Hope, BC.

27(1), March 2010
Announcing new book on the Kooskia Internment Camp. URL for a link to "Reading Chinese Gravestones." Excavation report on CD is available for the Chinese Quarter site in Jacksonville, OR. Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage, ID. Obituary, filmmaker Loni Ding. Japanese lithophanes. Insert, "'China Houses': Chinese Prefabricated Structures in the California Gold Rush, by Leland E. Bibb.

27(2), June 2010
Name change for Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle. Chinese Heritage Tour of the American West. Historic Chinese American food. Chinese pig oven. Correction to Japanese Lithophanes. URL for link to "Discover Nikkei" [people of Japanese ancestry] Web site. "Pewter Pheasants on Chinese Archaeological Sites," by Christopher W. Merritt. Insert, ordering form for Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp, by Priscilla Wegars.

27(3), September 2010
Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project. 1948 exhumations of Chinese from cemeteries in Oregon. Exhibit, "The Art of Gaman," at the Smithsonian. Chinese labor, Arizona, 1882. URL for link to 1860-1922 newspapers from various states including Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Glass, stone, and bone gaming pieces from the Kooskia Internment Camp excavations. Insert, "A 'Cabbage Leaf' Pattern Chinese Ceramic Bowl from the Asian American Comparative Collection," by Priscilla Wegars.

27(4), December 2010
Talks on Imprisoned in Paradise. Quilt card fundraiser for AACC. Chinese locks.

28(1), March 2011
URL for interviews with Japanese Americans in Oregon. "Chinese Remembering" conference, 2011. The AACC is moving. Polly Bemis and "Uncle Josh in a Chinese laundry." Insert, "'Retreat from Moscow': Japanese American College Students are Denied Entrance to the University of Idaho, April 1942," Pacific Citizen article with commentary by Priscilla Wegars.

28(2), June 2011
Obituary, Dr. Lindsay Smith. Links to Washington State lumber mill towns with Japanese American residents. Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project Website. Tokyo's Tobacco and Salt Museum. Chinese consul Chao Kwong Tseng and his wife. Insert, "Chinese Export Porcelains in the 'Canton' and 'Nanking' Patterns and Their Relationship to 'Blue Willow' Ware," by Priscilla Wegars.

28(3), September 2011
Update on Chinese consul Chao Kwong Tseng and his wife. URL to download Ansel Adams' book about Manzanar, Born Free and Equal. China Alley in Hanford, California, on list of 11 most endangered historic places. Heart Mountain incarceration camp images donated to Washington State University. World War II Japanese 'good luck flag.'" Insert, "Chinese Railroad Workers Suspended in Baskets - Another Myth Debunked," by Priscilla Wegars.

28(4), December 2011
Exhibit on Japanese Pioneers in the Yakima Valley, Washington. Chinese artist Jake Lee. Honouliuli Internment Camp O'ahu, Hawai'i. Gila River Incarceration Camp DVD. Update on World War II Japanese "good luck flag." Chinese massacre memorial, Hells Canyon, Oregon. Massacre victims' village located.

29(1), March 2012
Chinese American Museum of Northern California. URL for Internet publication on identification and dating of Japanese glass beverage bottles. "Reanalysis of the German Gulch Chinese Collection in Montana," by Chris Merritt and Bill Norman. Insert, "When Opium Was Legal: A Cross-Hatched Opium Can Base from Centerville, Idaho," by Priscilla Wegars.

29(2), June 2012
Japanese pioneer heritage hikes. Chinese exhumation records, Oregon, 1948-1951. Blue and white Chinese bowls.

29(3), September 2012
URL for the Densho Encyclopedia. Availability of "Chinese Remembering 2012" conference DVDs. Donation of Steven Martin Collection of Opium-Smoking Antiques to the AACC. Insert, Roderick Sprague obituary.

29(4), December 2012
List of donors to the AACC Endowment Fund. URL for slide show of the Hirahara photographs, Heart Mountain, at Washington State University. "New Chinese American Exhibit at Sutter County's Community Memorial Museum, Yuba City, California."

30(1), March 2013

More donors to the AACC Endowment Fund. AACC duplicate publications for sale. Publication announcement for As Rugged as the Terrain: CCC 'Boys,' Federal Convicts, and World War II Alien Internees Wrestle with a Mountain Wilderness." Insert, "Support Needed for The Dalles, Oregon, Chinatown."

30(2), June 2013
World War II Japanese "good luck flag" returned to family in Japan. Web sites for "Japantowns" in California. Announcement of e-mail listserve for topics related to Chinese railroad workers. Spouted jar with stopper. New Confucius Institute opens at the University of Idaho. Insert, Asian flour sacks in the AACC.

30(3), September 2013
Archaeological excavations of Chinese Quarter site in Jacksonville, Oregon. Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer at National Book Festival in Washington, DC. Photographer Jack Eng from Baker City, Oregon. Insert, "Publications Available from the AACC."

30(4), December 2013
Chinese book exhibit, Yuba City, California. Chinese porcelain sherd from Boise's Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga House. Enigmatic rock slab from California's Deadwood Chinese Camp. Metal and other artifacts from a Chinese camp in Texas for Southern Pacific Railroad workers, 1881-1882.

31(1), March 2014
Japanese American art from the Rohwer, Arkansas, concentration camp. "Sundown" (all-white) towns. Japanese coin from Franklin, Washington. URL for a report on investigations at a Japanese herring saltery, British Columbia, Canada. A Chinese American in World War II, "The Wah Lee Letters," by Kali Oliver. Insert, "Remembering Alton Briggs; Work on the Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad," by Mel Brown.

31(2), June 2014
URL for an essay on Chinese and Japanese people in Idaho. More on the World War II Wah Lee letters. Japanese and Japanese Americans in Oakland, California, 1935-1942. URL for a finding aid to the Him Mark Lai papers. Japanese funeral bento box. Insert, "Museum [in China] Closes after Priceless Artefacts Turn Out to be Cheap Knock-Offs, by Leo Lewis.

31(3), September 2014
Warren Times reprinted. Wintersburg, in Huntington Beach, California, named to list of America's Most Endangered Places. Chinese restaurant matchbooks and their "go-withs" in the AACC. Insert, "The Yama site on Bainbridge Island, Washington," shows a Japanese rice bowl from the site.

31(4), December 2014
Exhumations of Chinese in California, 1913. "Caucasian" a racist term. As Rugged as the Terrain co-winner of Idaho Library Association Book of the Year award. URL for Chinese weatherman Gin Chow.

32(1), March 2015

Chinese workers for the Northern Pacific Railroad, Washington, drive teams and go on strike. Mochi-making video. Obituary for Steven Martin. "The Intriguing Origin of Chinese Laundry Sprayers, by Gary Weisz. Insert, "Japanese Gardens at Manzanar National Historic Site," by Priscilla Wegars, compiler.

32(2), June 2015
"The Asian American Comparative Collection Needs a New Curator," Guest Editorial by Walter Mih. Upcoming exhibits, two with artifacts borrowed from the AACC. Orcas Island aluminum shoe. Insert, 1903 newspaper article, "Chinese Girl Rescued at Chico" [California].

32(3), September 2015
"Endowment for a New Curator," Guest Editorial by Walter Mih. Changes to AACC Newsletter graphics. Upcoming Society for Historical Archaeology conference. Japanese gravestone from Potlatch, Idaho. Insert, "The Life of Polly Bemis," by Walter Mih, with photo of Polly Bemis with an unidentified woman in the Grangeville, Idaho, vicinity, perhaps 1923.

32(4), December 2015
Recent and forthcoming AACC accomplishments. "The Life of Polly Bemis," continued, by Walter Mih. Temple heritage conference announced. Kang Youwei signboard.

33(1), March 2016
The Chinese in Walla Walla, Washington Walking Tour. AACC Website Updated. Incarceration Camp Diary and Exhibit. Upcoming Talks and Events in Boise, Idaho. Japanese "Names Registry Database" for WWII Camps. Unknown Chinese or Japanese Artifacts from Australia. Insert, Reprinted San Francisco Bulletin article from 1903, "Entertainment Will Be Given in the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium in Which Chinese Will Participate," transcribed by Nina Blumenfeld.

33(2), June 2016
Northwest Anthropological Conference, Tacoma. URL for Happy Camp Chinese Mining Site, Northeast Oregon. AACC Display Case in Boise, Idaho. Searchable DVD for Journal of Northwest Anthropology. URLs for Japanese American National Museum's Eaton Collection, Kam Wah Chung Museum, and Chinese American Surnames website. "Seeking Comparative Japanese Artifacts," by Renae Campbell. Insert, "Forlorn Japanese Coin Rescued from an Albany, Oregon, Coin Dealer," by James Bard.

33(3), September 2016
Confucius Institute YouTube Talks. Chinese in the Americas Conference. Updates to web site URLs. Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program for 2017. URL for City of Spokane Riverfront Park history. Northwest Chinese History Email Listserve. Japanese in Avery, Idaho. Insert, "Common Use of Samshu, or Chinese Wine," excerpt transcribed from Doolittle 1876 by Priscilla Wegars.

33(4), December 2016
AACC Volunteers. Sales of Imprisoned and Rugged. "Updated Information on Japanese Stoneware," by Renae Campbell. Unusual Metal Liquor Warmer. Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project (CCAP).

34(1), March 2017
Report on AACC Endowment. Phil Choy Obituary. Roger Shimomura Exhibit. Filled with Grace Japanese American History Exhibit, Shikegawa Baby Bracelet. Chinese History Exhibit in the Dalles, Oregon. Public Archaeology at Manzanar. Early "Fake News"? Righting a Wrong; Japanese American Exhibit in Washington, DC. Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program. Hoover Institution Exhibit. Insert, "The Chinese as Railroad Builders," transcribed from Nordhoff 1874 by Nina Blumenfeld. The Yamato Colony, Florida.

34(2), June 2017
Wells Fargo Exhibit, Portland, Oregon. Grand opening of the Topaz Incarceration Camp Museum. Portland's Alberta Park's Chinese Connection. Sato Elementary in Portland Named for Japanese Family. Chinese Material Culture Collection URL. Digital Internment Camp Archaeological Repository. Chinese Fireworks.

34(3), September 2017
Oregon Hop Farmers' Bitter Harvest. Japanese American Museum of San Jose Research Presentations. Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley Exhibit. URL for Historical Marker Database. 2017 Chinese Historical Society of America Conference. Unidentified Chinese Ceramic. Smithsonian Blog about Dotchin. Insert, "Exploring the Merchandise of the Pon Yam Store in Idaho City, Idaho" by Mary Anne Davis and Susie Osgood.

34(4), December 2017
AACC Endowment Report. URL for KQED Report on Chinese Exhumation Practices. Tuna Canyon Detention Station Exhibit. Chinese Temple in Lawrence, South Island, New Zealand. New York Exhibit on Anniversary of Executive Order 9066. Freedom from Fear/Yellow Bowl Project.

35(1), March 2018
Lytton Chinese History "Virtual Museum." Order 9066 Podcast. 2018 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage. AACC Item Featured on Intermountain Histories Website. Amache Field School. Bat Designs On Ceramics. Insert, "Update on Yama, a Late 19th-Early 20th Century Japanese American Community on Bainbridge Island,"by Caroline Hartse.

35(2), June 2018
Sandpoint Archaeological Report Available Online. Patti Hirahara Receives WSU Honorary Alumna Award. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. Terry Abraham's Overseas Chinese Studies Legacy. Video of the Steve Martin Collection of Opium-Smoking Antiques. Nakashima Heritage Barn, Arlington, Washington. Insert, "Obituary for Terry Abraham," by Kathy Barnard La Pointe, reprinted from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

35(3), September 2018
Idaho Chinese Featured in Public Television Segment. Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Recipients. Obituaries: Reg Beck, Samuel Lee Couch, and Roberta Greenwood. Terry Abraham Web Archive. Forthcoming Virtual Asian American Art Museum Chicago Exhibit. Japanese Measuring Tape. Insert, "Update on the Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project" by Chelsea Rose and Don Hann.

35(4), December 2018
URLs for Online Publications Related to Japanese American Incarceration. Brief References to Chinese People In Gibsonville, California. National Japanese American Historical Foundation, Digital Storytelling Project. Portland, Oregon, Chinatown Museum. Donation of Wah Lee's U.S. Army and Other Clothing.

36(1), March 2019
Chinese Woodcutters Exhibit at Nevada State Museum. Manzanar Community Archaeology Project. Transcontinental Railroad Commemorations (multiple). Japanese Overseas Migration Museum, Yokohama, Japan. Oregon Chinese Diaspora Field School Call for Students. Japanese American Incarceration Multimedia Exhibition. Korean Celadon Cups. Insert, "New Connections Between Pre-War Communities and Japanese American Incarceration Camps," by Koji Lau-Ozawa.

36(2), June 2019
Yick Yee and Chow Lun Wong Yee Family Endowment for the AACC. 2019 JACL National Convention. Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files Blog. Issei at Barnston Fieldwork Opportunity. NBC News Series Honors Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. "At First Light" Exhibit at JANM. AACC Instagram Page. 2019 Minidoka Pilgrimage. Fred F. Ohr. Insert, "Utah's Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad Exceeds Expectations," press release provided by Cindy Gubler.

36(3), September 2019
Chinese Diaspora Presentations. Japanese Canadian Settlement Featured on Grant to Support Kam Wah Chung Digital Archive. NPS AAPI Theme Study Convening. Yokai Digital Exhibit. Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day. AACC Links and Museum Webpages Updated. Chinese American Women in History Conference. Open Access Book on Historical Japanese Migration. Japanese Dolls, by Yuumi Danner. Insert, "Community Archaeology in Boston's Chinatown," by Jocelyn Lee.

36(4), December 2019
AACC Endowment Annual Report for 2019. Museums of Interest: Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Center in Burnaby, BC. Updates on The Chew Kee Store in Fiddletown, California; Japanese Gravestone in Potlatch, Idaho; and "The Retreat from Moscow," April 1942. Utah Coal Mine Disaster, 1924. Yuba Feather Museum's Replicated Chinese Store. Mukai Farm & Garden, Vashon Island, Washington.

37(1), March 2020
Seattle National Archives Closure Threatened. Smithsonian Exhibit About Japanese American Incarceration Visits Boise. Fire at The Museum of Chinese in America. New Visitor Center at Minidoka National Historic Site. Recent Publication: Chinese Diaspora Archaeology (2020), edited by Chelsea Rose and Ryan Kennedy. Mokelumne Hill Chinatown Gardens. Wanshou Wujian Pattern Ceramics. Insert, "Archaeology of Two Early 20th Century Japanese Canadian Sites in Southwest British Columbia," by Robert Muckle.

37(2), June 2020
MOCA "OneWorld" Special Collection. Asian Americans Documentary Series. Japanese American Confinement Site Grants for 2020. Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project Wins Heritage Award. Translation of Zaibei Nihonjin Shi (History of Japanese in America) (1940) Available Online. Chinese Railroad Workers in Idaho Memorial Dedication. "Tadaima!" Virtual Pilgrimage. Asian American Recipes. Insert, "Paper Merchants: the History and Archaeology of the Wing Hong Hai Company Store in the Dalles, Oregon," by Eric B. Gleason and Jacqueline Y. Cheung.

37(3), September 2020
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Issues Verdict on Japanese Peruvians Kidnapped by the United States. USFS Video, "Legacy." Asian Americans in Idaho Oral History Collection by Kathy Min. In Memoriam: Michael Wei Kwan. California Chinese Exclusion Act Files Digitization. Forthcoming Publication: Finding Solace in the Soil: An Archaeology of Gardens and gardeners at Amache (2020) by Bonnie J. Clark. Asian American Podcast Playlist. Research Study on Chinese American Representation in Museums, by Jordan Bennett. Insert, "Dip Into Soba-Choko," by Yuumi Danner.

37(4), December 2020
AACC Endowment Annual Report for 2020. Kimono Couture. Announcing a New Book About Chinese American Icon Polly Bemis. Tai Tung Restaurant, Seattle.

38(1), March 2021
Japanese Diaspora Journal Issue. Polly Bemis Lecture on Youtube. Podcast on Chinese Funerals. In Memoriam: Corky Lee (1948-2021) and Cecilia Chiang (1920-2020). SE Idaho Nikkei Project. Request for Information, by Tatiana Watkins. Insert, "Small Chinese Jars," by Julia G. Costello.

38(2), June 2021
Polly Bemis Ranch Archaeological Project. 2021 Japanese American Confinement Sites Grants. Hidden Histories Program Series. Publication of Interest: Herbs and Roots: A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Medical Marketplace. Japanese American Museum of Oregon Grand Reopening. Exhibit on Idaho's Chinese Miners. SEAA 2021 Online Conference. Chien-Shiung Wu Postage Stamp. Takara Sake. Insert, "Double Happiness Pattern Rice Bowls at Chinese Diaspora Sites," by Laura W. Ng.

38(3), September 2021
Lytton Chinese History Museum Destroyed by Fire. Tadaima Pilgrimage Returns.  Publication of Interest: Forced Out: A Nikkei Woman’s Search for a Home in America. Manzanar Archaeology Program Recognized by SAA.  Chinese Tunnel Myth Article. “Go For Broke” Postage Stamp. Boise Basin Archaeology Lecture. IAS Conference. Polly Bemis Day. Insert, “The Storytelling Possibilities of Small Items from the Takeyo Sakai Sewing Collection,” by Hobbs Hurtado.

38(4), December 2021
AACC Endowment Annual Report. The AACC Has a New Website. Passport in Time Volunteers Needed. What is CSUJAD? Publications of Interest: The “Other” Dixwells: Commerce and Conscience in an American Family and Only the Oaks Remain: The Story of Tuna Canyon Detention Station. Sprague Chinese Basket Collection, by Tatiana Watkins.

39(1), March 2022
Amache to Become a National Park. Chinese Culture Exhibit at LCSC. Bancroft Exhibition, “Uprooted.” Hidden History Series Update. Publication of Interest: How Do We Reach More?: Sharing Cultural and Archaeological Research With Others. Artifacts Discovered Under Home. American Chinatowns Story Map. Minidoka Documentary Release. SHA YouTube Videos. Hinamatsuri Display. Insert, “The Chinese in Calico, San Bernardino County, California,” by Sue Fawn Chung.

39(2), June 2022
Bill Passed to Create Asian American and Pacific Islander Museum. OHQ on the Road. Archaeology Field School. Society for East Asian Archaeology. Publication of Interest: Alliance Rises in the West: Labor, Race, and Solidarity in Industrial California. Yasui Brothers Records Project Funded. Bystander Intervention Training. Self-Paced Chinese in the United States Course. Lecture Series. Yixing Pottery, by Christine McFarlane. Insert, “Aizu-Hongo Ware,” by Leland E. Bibb.

39(3), September 2022
Irei National Monument Launch. IMMG Exhibit Opening Celebration. Publication of Interest: Becoming Nisei: Japanese American Urban Lives in Prewar Tacoma. Annual Review Article. Japanese American Confinement Sites Grants. OCDP Website. WHA Conference. Polly Bemis Artifact Spotlight. Insert, “Red Picture Transfer Ware,” by Leland E. Bibb.

39(4), December 2022
Archival Conservation, Wah Lee Letters. AACC Endowment Annual Report. Update to AACC Website’s Artifact Pages.  Update to Kathy Min’s Asian Americans in Idaho Oral History Collection.  Publications of Interest: Facing the Mountain: A True Story of Japanese American Heros in World War II and When Can We Go Back to America?: Voices of Japanese American Incarceration during World War II. Ireicho Ceremony. Why Mary Graves?, by Gordon Grimwade. 

40(1), March 2023
“A Long Road to Travel” in Portland. AACC Internship Program. Publication of Interest: Beyond the Betrayal: The Memoir of a World War II Japanese American Draft Resister of Conscience. Mae Ngai 2023 Hatfield Lecture.  Chinese Medicine in the American West Recording. Pick Braces Made by Chinese Blacksmiths, by Renae Campell and Chelsea Rose. 

40(2), June 2023
Japanese American Confinement Site Grant Recipients. Eureka Chinatown Project Seeks Personal Narratives. Mokelumne Hill Chinatown Gardens Archaeological District. AAPI Art Exhibits in the PNW.  East Asia Conference.  JACL National Convention. Returning Yosegaki Hinomaru. 

40(3), September 2023
New Online Exhibit About California’s Flower Market. IAS Conference. Publication of Interest: The Middle Kingdom under the Big Sky: A History of the Chinese Experience in Montana. Discrimination’s Impact on Asian American Students. June Newsletter Correction.  Ye Wanqian (葉萬泉) Brand Medicinal Mint Oil Bottles. 

40(3), September 2023
AACC Endowment Annual Report. Publication of Interest: Chinese Opium in America, 1850–1920 and Jerome and Rohwer: Memories of Japanese American Internment in World War II Arkansas. Did Polly Bemis Know Some Chinook Jargon? Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference. 


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