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U of I Faculty/Staff Opportunities

There are a variety of ways that faculty and staff at the University of Idaho can gain international experience including studying, teaching or researching abroad; incorporating an international dimension into their classes; or even by leading a course overseas. Faculty members are also a critical component to helping their students gain international experience by performing a variety of advising functions.

Whether you are looking to develop or expand a research project, develop an institutional linkage with an overseas university, introduce international topics into your teaching, build collegial networks, or enhance your personal international expertise and knowledge, these resources can lead you in the right direction. If you have questions that are not addressed on this site, please contact the U of I Study Abroad Office at 208-885-7870 or

After Study Abroad

Email Advising

While abroad, students may need to be advised by email in order to prepare them for their return to the University of Idaho.

Remove Advisor Registration Hold

They will also need their Advisor Registration Hold removed. Once the blocks are removed the students can register for classes at the U of I for the semester of their return.

After students return, foreign transcripts are sometimes slow to follow. If study abroad transcripts are not received by June 1, a student's financial aid can be withheld for a following term. The Study Abroad Office works directly with the U of I academic colleges and the Financial Aid Office to ensure that students in this situation have their aid reinstated until their study abroad transcript arrives.

Tools for Advisors

These are a planning tool for when and where specific majors can participate in study abroad, national student exchange, internships, volunteer and service-learning activities.

Use the Course Planning Form — see form for complete instructions.

Course Planning Form Process

Students bring course descriptions to appropriate department chairs for each course. Department Chairs or their designees determine if the foreign course has a U of I equivalent or not.

If the course does have a U of I equivalent, the Department Chair enters the U of I course equivalent information on the form. If the course does not have a U of I equivalent, the Department Chair enters 000 as the course number and determines if the course is worth upper-division, lower-division, or graduate-level credit and enters this information on the form.

Department Chairs have already articulated USAC Specialty Program courses. These articulations can be found on U of I Registrar's Office website.

The student then meets with their academic advisor for overall program approval and to determine how each course will fit into their graduation requirements. The Academic Advisor signs the form to give approval overall program approval.

The College Dean's signature is then needed in order for any upper-division study abroad coursework to count towards the U of I residency requirement.

The Registrar will then determine credit amounts for each foreign course and sign the form.

The form is then submitted to and signed by a Study Abroad staff member.

Athens Staff

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