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Sustainability Access & Integrity

Land Acknowledgement Statement

Campus: University of Idaho Moscow is located on the homelands of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce), Palus (Palouse) and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene) tribes. We extend gratitude to the indigenous people that call this place home, since time immemorial. U of I recognizes that it is our academic responsibility to build relationships with the indigenous people to ensure integrity of tribal voices.

Access and Integrity in Sustainability

Access and integrity are important pieces of sustainability. While protecting and restoring the natural environment is an essential part of sustainability, it is equally important to care for each other and create spaces where everyone is welcome and able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy environment.

Being a sustainable institution, U of I strives to give everyone in our community equal access to a healthy, safe and prosperous environment. This means equal access to food, housing, academic opportunities, employment opportunities and healthcare. Part of our sustainability commitment is to provide students and employees access to basic needs support programs, as well as access to resources such as our Office of Multicultural Affairs, so everyone has access to a healthy and equitable space. Everyone deserves to live in a clean environment, and everyone deserves to have a voice in the sustainable development of our university.

Why Is This Important?

Access and integrity in sustainability gives marginalized communities the ability to enjoy clean, healthy environments and participate in the creation of sustainable solutions. Historically, people of color and low-income communities have experienced disproportionate impacts of environmental hazards, exposing them to conditions that negatively affect their health and safety. Black, Indigenous and other people of color, as well as other marginalized communities, have also been historically left out of important conversations regarding the creation of sustainable solutions. For this reason, the University of Idaho prioritizes equal access to environmental benefits for all Vandals.

Ways You Can Help

Providing access and leading with integrity in our sustainable solutions includes centering the voices of people of color and marginalized groups, those who are most impacted by environmental harms. It is critical that all Vandals understand how environmental degradation impacts people in different ways and how our sustainable solutions should include everyone, regardless of race or income, while also empowering marginalized communities.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the concepts and history of environmental justice and environmental racism. Below are important resources on environmental justice and its history in the United States. As a sustainable institution, we have a commitment to providing a healthy, safe and equitable environment for all Vandals. Consider donating or volunteering with local organizations that use an equitable model of environmental activism, or even with one of the many multicultural programs on campus.

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