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Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic that has relevance in nearly every area of work and life. Students in any program can thus enroll in the 12-credit Sustainability Certificate and select from a range of classes from all colleges at the university. Students who complete the certificate will be better prepared to contribute to an informed citizenry that is creating sustainable solutions for Idaho and beyond, and to cultivate an ecologically sound, economically prosperous, and equitable society for current and future generations.

Students must take at least one core integrative course, one ecological course, one social course, and one economic course totaling at least 12 credits for certificate completion. Foundational courses introduce students to the breadth of sustainability as a concept involving ecological, social, and economic processes. Ecological sustainability courses focus on protecting and restoring the integrity of Earth’s ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life. Social sustainability courses focus on meeting the needs of communities without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Finally, economic sustainability courses focus on long-term economic prosperity without negative impacts on the environment, society, or culture. Students may work with their advisors to substitute relevant open topics courses (e.g., 106, 204, 404) to fulfill these requirements.

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Sustainability Certificate Courses

  • FSP 201 Forest and Sustainable Products for a Green Planet
  • GEOG 435 Climate Change Mitigation
  • LARC 150 Landscape, Culture, and Environment
  • MGT 315 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • PSYC 319 Environmental Psychology
  • SOILS 436 Principles of Sustainability

  • BIOL 102 (+ Lab) Biology and Society
  • ENVS/SOILS 448 Drinking Water and Human Health
  • EPPN 100 Human, Plant, Animal, and Insect Epidemics: Drivers of Society
  • FOR 460 Mountain Ecology
  • GEOG 313 Global Climate Change
  • GEOG 430 Climate Change Ecology
  • GEOL 309 Ground Water Hydrology
  • GEOL 474 Stable Isotopes in the Environment
  • LARC 288 Plant Materials and Design I
  • REM 440 Restoration Ecology

  • AGEC 451 Applied Environment and Natural Resource Economics
  • AGEC 452 Water Economics and Policy Analysis
  • ARCH 463 (+ Lab) Environmental Control Systems
  • ECE 487 Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • ECON 447 International Development Economics
  • ENVS 423 Planning Sustainable Places
  • FIN 435 Sustainable Finance and Investments
  • IAD 368 Materials for Health and Sustainability (Interior Materials and Specs)
  • INDT 419 Industrial Sustainability Analysis
  • LAW 407 Agriculture and Environmental Law
  • ME 436 Sustainable Energy Sources and Systems
  • ENVS 444 Water Quality in the Pacific Northwest

  • ENGL 316 Environmental Writing
  • ENGL 322 Climate Change Fiction
  • HIST 424 American Environmental History
  • IAD 151 Introduction to Interior Architecture and Design
  • IAD 443 Universal Design
  • LAW 406 Foundations of Natural Resource Law
  • RSTM 380 Principles of Travel and Tourism
  • SOC 340 Environmental Sociology and Globalization
  • SOC 344 Understanding Communities
  • SOC 465 Environmental Justice
  • SOC 466 Climate Change and Society

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