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Sustainability Resources

Explore all the University of Idaho’s sustainability resources, including important declarations, survey results, annual reports, and university plans.

In Fall 2021, President Scott Green formed the Sustainability Working Group, charged with the task of developing and recommending a strategic approach to institutional sustainability. View the list of members and the working group’s Sustainability White Paper.

The Student Sustainability Cooperative is responsible for surveying students on sustainability topics. View the list of past sustainability surveys and their results.


The University of Idaho is an active participant in the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System™ (STARS®), which is a transparent, self-reporting framework for universities to measure their sustainability performance. The University of Idaho is currently recognized as a STARS Silver Institution. View our STARS Certificate and read out past STARS reports.

Talloires Declaration

On March 3, 2005, former U of I President Tim White signed the Talloires Declaration. Talloires, the first official statement made by over 500 University administrators in 50 countries, declares a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education.  The declaration begins with a statement of deep concern over the “unprecedented scale and speed of environmental pollution and degradation” and it concludes with a ten-point action plan for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach. This was among the first steps the university took in the drive to integrate sustainability.

Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment

In 2007, President White signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) recently renamed the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments. Within this framework universities implement comprehensive plans in pursuit of climate neutrality, such as the Climate Action Plans and Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Sustainable Solutions White Paper 2022

The White Paper for Sustainable Solutions is our roadmap to incorporate sustainability into all that we do. This includes our academic and research offerings, university operations and facilities, student culture, and governance and data management. 

Please help us improve by providing feedback and comments on the White Paper.

Climate Action Plan 2010

The U of I Climate Action Plan (CAP) was developed to outline the steps the University of Idaho needs to take to become climate neutral by 2030. The steps towards climate neutrality are also steps towards greater fiscal responsibility. Energy conservation, higher performance buildings, decreasing fossil fuel use, and other strategies outlined in this plan are cost‐effective, not only reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but also reducing operational costs and the impacts of future increases in energy and fuel prices. Eighty percent of the universities’ GHG emissions result from building use. The most important strategy moving forward is to minimize the energy footprint of new buildings, while increasing the efficiency of our existing buildings. Other priority areas include transportation, solid waste, purchasing and food.  

Action Plan for U of I Surplus 2009

This proposal is a business case to increase the operational efficiency, profitability, and the environmental sustainability impact of University of Idaho's Surplus department. Our team has examined Surplus’s current business operations and compared it to WSU surplus’ profitable operations.

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