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Online M.S. Degree

Master of Science, Statistical Science Major

Academic Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and of the Department of Statistics. See the College of Graduate Studies section of part 4 in the UI Catalog for the applicable general degree requirements. The College of Graduate Studies requires a minimum of 30 credits for the M.S. degree.

Students choose one of two different tracks for completion of the Online Statistics Master’s degree.

There is one non-thesis option and one thesis option:

Each student works with his or her committee to tailor an individual graduate program, but all students must complete a basic core requirement of 24 credits and one of the two degree options.

Core Requirements

  • STAT 422 Sample Survey Methods (3 cr)
  • STAT 451 Probability Theory  (3 cr)
  • STAT 452 Mathematical Statistics (3 cr)
  • STAT 501 Seminar (1 cr)
  • STAT 507 Experimental Design (3 cr)
  • STAT 519 Multivariate Analysis (3 cr)
  • STAT 550 Regression (3 cr)
  • STAT 565 Computer Intensive Statistics (3 cr)
  • STAT 597 Consulting Practicum (2 cr)

A maximum of 6 credits of Stat 500 may be counted toward the thesis degree option.

The UI Statistics group is an intercollegiate, interdisciplinary team that emphasizes broad applications as well as theoretical aspects of statistics. In addition to research within the discipline, faculty collaborate actively with researchers from the physical, biological, and social sciences, promoting campus-wide cooperation in investigation of statistical problems. There is also close academic liaison with the Statistics faculty at nearby Washington State University.

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