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Math/Stat Course Placement

Note: Be sure to first check with your major advisor(s) to determine your first mathematics course.

One way to determine which course you are qualified to take is by ACT Math, SAT Math, or ALEKS PPL Assessment scores. See the chart below to determine which course you are eligible to take.

ACT Math or
SAT Math
(2016 & later)
SAT Math
(prior to 2016)
COMPASS Math ALEKS  Eligible to register for
0 – 18 or 200 - 500 or  200 - 460
Algebra 0-35  any score Math 108, 123*
19 – 21 or 510 - 540 or  470 - 510
Algebra 36-60
College Algebra 0-44
 42+ Math 130 or lower
22 – 26 or 550 - 620 or  520 - 600
Algebra 61-99
College Algebra 45-48
 46+ Math 143, 144 or lower
27 – 28 or 630 - 660 or  610 - 640
College Algebra 49-50  61+ Math 160 or lower, Statistics 251*
29 – 36 or 670 - 800 or  650 - 800
College Algebra 51-99
Trigonometry 51-99
 76+ Math 176, 170 or lower, Statistics 251*

*Warning: Do not automatically enroll in the highest math course available based on your exam scores. Many courses (including Math 123, Math 130, Math 160, and Math 176) are terminal courses and do not provide the prerequisite preparation needed for other required courses. Check with your advisor and/or the Mathematics Department to determine which course is best for you.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

In order to support and improve the success of our students, the Department of Mathematics and Statistical Science follows the pre-requisite requirements as described in the course catalog, without exception.

  • Overrides are provided only to those students who have satisfied the pre-requisites either by having completed the pre-requisite course or having sufficient exam scores. If a student has documentation showing updated exam scores or unofficial transcripts they should come to the Mathematics and Statistical Science Department office (located in Brink Hall, Room 300) or submit transcript or scores by email/fax for an override. 
    The Department of Mathematics and Statistical Science must see the updated scores to provide the override.
    • Please send override requests to with official scores or transcripts included.
  • If students would like to challenge their math placement they can take the ALEKS PPL Assessment.
  • If a student believes he or she would test into a course higher than Math 170 they will need to contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistical Science to be evaluated. To place into a course above Math 170, a student will need to have proof of successful completion of pre-requisite courses on an official or unofficial transcript.


Physical Address:
Brink Hall 300

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1103
Moscow, ID 83844-1103

Phone: 208-885-6742

Fax: 208-885-5843


Web: Department of Mathematics and Statistical Science