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SPSS Resource Links

Introductory Material

SPSS for the Classroom: The Basics

A short tutorial by the University of Wisconsin Social Science Computing Cooperative on the basics of SSPS, which includes an informative introduction of the different windows (data editor, syntax editor and output viewer) and the file types used in SSPS.SPSS for the Classroom: The Basics

UCLA SSPS Learning Modules

A series of short tutorials with examples, covering a range of SSPS procedures, by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA

University Of Texas SPSS Getting Started Tutorial (pdf)

A detailed tutorial that introduces the user to the SSPS for windows environment, including the use of the windows used in SSPS (data editor, syntax editor and output viewer). Other topics include how to load data into SSPS using an external file and modifying data once in SSPS.

SPSS for Beginners (Youtube link)

A series of 8 short videos by ResearchbyDesign designed for those who are brand new to SSPS. The interactive videos walk the user through the creation of a dataset to compute descriptive statistics and simple statistical tests.

Loading data into SSPS

Importing Data into SSPS

Various examples from Kent State University Library of how to load data into SSPS, including SSPS data files (.sav), excel, csv and text files. Examples illustrate how to import data using SSPS syntax and import wizard.

University of South Australia - Introduction to SPSS

Brief tutorial that introduces the basics of importing data into SSPS and how to inspect, label, sort and merge data.

Importing Excel Data into SPSS (Youtube link)

A useful video from ResearchbyDesign on how to import Microsoft Excel files into SSPS.

Manipulating and modifying data in SSPS

SPSS: Data Manipulation and Advanced Topics (pdf)

A detailed tutorial from the University of Texas showing how to split/merge files, aggregate data and import. Other advanced topics are covered, such as scripting in Visual Basic and creating macros.

University of Australia: Modifying Your Data

Brief overview of how to compute new variables and to recode existing variables into new variables.

Restructure data field from wide to long (Youtube link)

A short video on how to restructure from wide to long form in SPSS presented by Scott Parrott.

SPSS Data manipulation (Youtube link)

This video produced by Dr. Murtaza Haider at Ryerson University demonstrates creating new variables, recoding, filtering and subsetting data in SPSS.

SPSS: Manipulating Data (Youtube link)

Adding new variables, declaring missing values, recording variables in SPSS, by Patricia Jenkinson

Graphs, Plots and Charts in SSPS

SPSS Library: Making graphs with the ggraph command and GPL

Tutorial that shows how to create scatter plots, bar plots box plots and histograms using ggraph commands. This is an integrated point and click interface that creates basic plots and allows the user to modify and save out output to different file types using GPL code. This tutorial is part of the UCLA SPSS learning modules described above.

The Open University - Creating Graphs in SPSS (pdf)

Graphing tutorial for Social Sciences and Psychology students, with a worked through example.

Creating and Interpreting Boxplots in SPSS (Youtube link)

This video by Dr. Todd Grande demonstrates how to create and interpret boxplots using SPSS.

Linear Models in SSPS

Introduction to regression using SSPS

A detailed tutorial covering simple and multiple linear regression procedures in SSPS, by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA. 

Linear Regression Analysis using SPSS Statistics by Laerd Statistics

This guide lays out how to carry out a simple linear regression and interpret the printed output.

How to Calculate Linear Regression SPSS (Youtube link)

A visual explanation by David Longstreet on how to calculate a regression equation using SPSS. The video explains r-squared, standard error of the estimate and coefficients.

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) in SSPS

One-way ANOVA – Kent State University

A great introductory tutorial on how to conduct a one-way ANOVA.

Two-way ANOVA – University of Dayton

A great introductory tutorial on how to conduct a two-way ANOVA.

Two-way ANOVA in SPSS Statistics by Laerd Statistics

This tutorial will show how to conduct a two-way ANOVA in SPSS and interpret the printed output.

SPSS Tutorial: One Way ANOVA (Youtube link)

This video produced by The Doctoral Journey demonstrates how to conduct a one-way ANOVA in SPSS.


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