Mathematics: Modeling and Data Science

The math that drives the science.

This program prepares you to create and apply advanced mathematical models to address complex scientific problems and solve engineering challenges in technology and industry.

This option is a good match with the electrical engineering major. In fact, a double-major in math and electrical engineering requires just a handful of extra classes beyond an electrical engineering degree alone.

The program also adds a lot of power to an engineering or physics resume, and it is especially great preparation for students planning to pursue graduate study in science or engineering.

As a student in this program, you will have special opportunities to engage in math-related research and to participate in the American Mathematical Association Putnam Examination, the most prestigious mathematics competition in the nation.

This program could be a good fit if you:

  • Enjoy math and science
  • Want to work collaboratively with people from different disciplines
  • Are a strong problem solver
  • Like research

With this degree, you could become a/an:

  • Research scientist or technician
  • Mathematical consultant
  • Mathematical modeler

Available On-Campus

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