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Students' Rights

Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

Student Rights

In college you are responsible to make sure that your needs are met. Two federal civil rights laws can assist you in reaching your educational goals. These laws are called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act . These laws provide students with these rights:

  • the right to equal access to postsecondary education
  • the right to non-discrimination
  • the right to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of your school
  • the right to an accessible education
  • the right to appropriate accommodations
  • the right to have information about your disability kept private

Laws do not require a post-secondary school to lower its academic standards. This means that University of Idaho may not:

  • give you easier work
  • change the rules to make it easier for you than other students


Your responsibility is to inform your school that you need accommodations. The first step to receiving services at University of Idaho is to complete the Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR) Application. Disability documentation may be required at the time of application for services.
Accommodations must be appropriate and effective for your situation. An effective accommodation will address your specific limitations caused by your disability.
Finally, understand that your school must provide educational accommodations at no cost to you. But they do not have to provide or pay for:

  • personal devices
  • accommodations for personal use
  • accommodations which fundamentally alter a school program

This means that schools will not pay for personal care attendants; they do not pay for you to have an accommodation at home to do your homework; and they do not have to provide a preferred accommodation.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Notify the School: If you need accommodations, register with CDAR. To register, complete a CDAR Application .
  2. Provide Documentation: It is the student’s responsibility to provide professional documentation of their disability. Information regarding documentation requirements can be found  under the Documentation section.
  3. Determine your classes’ requirements and accommodations you may need
  4. Request Accommodations: Request accommodations as far in advance as possible, preferably at the time you register for classes or housing.
  5. Maintain contact with CDAR: It is the student’s responsibility to notify CDAR if their accommodations are not working or are no longer needed.
  6. Meet Academic and Conduct Standards: You are expected to meet the essential requirements of a class or program. You are also required to follow the conduct standards of the university.


CDAR Application

Whether you're a new or continuing student, the CDAR Application is the first step in requesting accommodations. 

CDAR Application

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