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Alternate Text

Alternate text provides students with vision or reading disabilities alternatives to standard printed text. Accommodations are provided to students with a documented print disability. Many books can now be found in an accessible format online and students with print disabilities are encouraged to research their options.

Text-to-Speech Resources

Many programs now include a text-to-speech engine to make reading easier.  For most options, the voice used will be the system voice on your computer. 

Microsoft Word - Select the Review tab, and then "Read Aloud", reading will start at cursor. For more advanced reading options, select the View tab, and then "Immersive Reader". Immersive reader includes line focus, page background color, spacing and other options to make reading easier. 

Microsoft Edge - Select the three dots in the top right corner, and then select "Read Aloud"

Chrome and Firefox -  Users will need to install Read Aloud for Chrome or Read Aloud for Firefox

Explore Services

Request testing accommodations, notetaking services, interpreters and more.

Explore Services

Textbook Accommodation Requests

Processing requests can be time-consuming. Students are advised to seek accommodations as far in advance as possible as textbook conversions can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.

  • Make an appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist, by calling 208-885-6307
  • Provide textbook information and proof of purchase
    • Due to copyright law, proof of purchase must be obtained before textbook conversion can begin.
  • Converted files will be provided via Dropbox link.
  • Bring questions, concerns or changes to the attention of CDAR staff as soon as possible by calling 208-885-6307 or sending a detailed email to

CDAR Responsibilities

All alternate text accommodations will be provided as quickly as possible.

  • Textbooks bindings are removed to effectively scan material. Scans are saved as a PDF file.
    • Textbooks are rebound and returned to the student in a format that can be re-sold to the VandalStore.
    • Conversion begins once CDAR receives a copy of the textbook or the student's proof of purchase.
    • All conversion files are provided through Dropbox.
  • Enlargements can be created with at least 24-hours notice.
  • Braille materials must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance or as soon as possible, depending on the size of the document.
  • Students can request orientation or training to access alternate text using assistive technology by calling 208-885-6307 to set up an appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist.

Copyrighted Documents

All alternate text is protected and copyrighted by the publisher and should only be used by students receiving CDAR accommodation. Sharing any alternate text material is grounds for loss of accommodation.


Contact Center for Disability Access and Resources at 208-885-6307 or email

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