*Twenty-fourth Annual Symposium, April 23-25, 1970
Theme: The Survival of Man
Committee Chair: Tony Skrbek, Political Science

John Hessel, "Population Growth vs. Ecology: The Facts of Life in a Closed System"
Daniel Schorr, Keynote Address, "World-wide Population and Polution Problems"
Ralph Lapp, "Ecology"
E. W. Pfeiffer, "Ecological Effects of the War in Southeast Asia"
Gary Soucie, "Conservation and the Earth as an Ecosphere"

Other Participants:
Stephanie Mills, W. Leslie Pengelly, Fred Leif, Shunji Nishi, Victor Yannocone & James Boyd

*Twenty-fifth Annual Symposium, March 4-6, 1971
Theme: The Clash of Cultures as a Cause of War (An Inquiry into Cultural Conflict as a Cause of Domestic Violence and International War)
Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

Alfred Lilienthal (Middle East expert) & Col. Harry Jackson (US Army), "The Scope and Nature of World Cultural Conflicts"
Robert Bellah (sociologist) and Roderic Gorney (psychiatrist), "Cultures & Counter Cultures"
Russell Kirk (conservative thinker) and Nat Hentoff (social critic), "Education and Cultural Conflict"
Saul Alinsky (professional radical) and Russell Kirk, "Resolution of Conflicts in America"

Topic: "Cultural Conflicts in Asia, Africa and the Middle East."

Thomas Molnar (political commentator) on Africa
Alfred Lilienthal on the Middle East
Robert Bellah on Asia
Nat Hentoff on American foreign involvement
Col. Harry Jackson with a military view
Roderic Gorney and Thomas Molnar, "Cultural Conflicts as a Cause of War."

*Twenty-sixth Annual Symposium, February 29 - March 1, 1972
Theme: How Can We Prevent World War III? (A discussion of current world crises as a cause of World War III)
Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

Walter Judd, "Changing American Foreign Policy"
Tran Van Dinh (former Vietnam Ambassador to the U.S.), "How Can We Prevent Future Vietnams?"
Kenneth Kirkpatrick, "The Automated Battlefield and Air War."
Juanita Castro (sister of Fidel Castro), "The Threat of Communism in the Americas"
Charles Frankel, "Ideological and Religious Conflicts as Barriers to Peace"
Mr. M. A. Rauf, "An Islamic View of the Middle East Conflict."
Samual Segev, "An Israeli View of the Middle East Conflict."
Gen. Carl von Horn, "The Current Crises in World Organization"
Col. Amos Jordan, "Strengthening Collective Security: An American View of the Crises"

*Twenty-seventh Annual Symposium, April 2-4, 1973
Theme: Power as a Cause of War and a Solution to Peace
Committee Chair: Stanley W. Thomas, Campus Christian Center

Sen. Len B. Jordan, "Senator William E. Borah and the Power of Congress in Policy Determination with Respect to War and Peace."
John "Spike" Nasmyth, "POW Comments"
H. R. Mahood and Majid Khadduri, "Pressure Groups as Effective Expressions of Power in Policy Decisions with Respect to War and Peace."
Wilma Heide, "Society's Responsibilities with Respect to War and Peace"
Steve Heimer, William Rusher & Robert Smith, "Economic Power and the Effect on War & Peace"
George L. Sherry, "Major World Powers and the Role of the United Nations in Providing Resolution of Conflicts to Achieve a Peaceful World"

Other Participant: Jerome Scolnick

*Twenty-eighth Annual Symposium, February 5-7, 1974
Theme: The Rise in Presidential War-Making Powers
Committee Chair: Harry Caldwell, Geography

Aaron Wildavsky, Elizabeth Haltzman, Sen. James McClure, "Presidential War-Making Powers"
Hugh Sidey and Bill Hall, "The Role of the Media as a Pressure on the Presidency"

Other Participants:

William A. Williams
Sen. Mark Hatfield
Raul Manglapus

*Twenty-ninth Annual Symposium, January 18-23, 1975
Theme: The Peacetime Role of the Military
Committee Chair: Harry Caldwell, Geography

Samuel Huntington (specialist in foreign affairs)
Francis Fitzgerald (author)
Victor Marchetti
Seymour Melman (Prof. of Economics, Columbia Univ.)
Adm. Elmo Zumwalt
Hon. Marjorie Holt (Congresswoman from Maryland)
Hon. Les Aspin (Congressman from Wisconsin)
Francis Fitzgerald, "1975 Report from Hanoi"
Seymour Melman & Les Aspin, "The State of the U.S. Economy"

1976 *Thirtieth Annual Symposium, March 30 - April 1, 1976
Theme: Peace, Power and Citizen Action
Committee Chair: Jeanette Driskell, Education

Eugene McCarthy (former Senator)
G. Warren Nutter (conservative economist)
Karl Hess (Libertarian, Goldwater speechwriter)
William Kunstler (lawyer)
Rep. Steve Symms (Idaho)
Carl Jacklin (psychologist)
Benjamin Spock (pediatrician)
David Halberstam (journalist)

*Thirty-first Annual Symposium, March 22-24, 1977
Theme: Nuclear Strength -- A Faustian Bargain
Committee Chair: Amos Yoder, Political Science

Sen. Frank Church
Herbert Scoville
Bernard Feld
Theodore Taylor
Harold Agnew
Douglas DeNike
Philip Farley
Roger Batzel
R. J. Rummel
Ernest L. Stanger

Other Participants:
Sam Day, Orval Hanson, Alden Meinel, Marjorie Meinel, Robert C. Lewis, John Peavey, Sen. James McClure, Rep. Steve Symms & Tommy Ambrose

*Thirty-second Annual Symposium, April 10-11, 1978
Theme: Human Rights in Foreign Policy
Committee Chair: Raymond J. Miller, Agriculture

Godfrey Binaisa
Robert Moss
Robert Maxim
Igor S. Glagolev
Rose Styron
Eugenio Velasco

1979 *Thirty-third Annual Symposium, March 5-6, 1979
Theme: Rich Nations, Poor Nations, and the Sources of Economic Conflict
Committee Chair: Donald Haber, Civil Engineering

Mansur Kikhia
Richard Barnet
Frank LaRoux
Jacob Clayman
Walt Rostow
Hazel Denton
Koichi Matsuura
Sen. Frank Church
Charles Kindleberger, moderator