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4 + 1 Master's Program

The 4+1 Program creates an opportunity for University of Idaho students to earn a master’s degree in a similar field in one year immediately following their undergraduate program.

The 4+1 program will allow students to complete a non-thesis master’s degree with up to 12 credits from their undergraduate work. Six of the credits can be shared or counted on both the Undergraduate and Graduate transcripts, and up to six can be reserved for the Graduate transcript (400 or above and B or better) if the student has earned over the program minimum for the Undergraduate degree.

Students in the 4+1 master’s will be eligible for the regular Undergraduate tuition rate through their first year of graduate school. Course/lab/online fees still apply. If the student does not complete the master’s degree in one year, subsequent years will be charged regular graduate tuition rate.

The 4+1 program with the tuition benefit is limited to Idaho residents. Non-residents may be eligible for Idaho residency through the pathway which considers students who complete a bachelor's degree at an Idaho institution.

What the program offers:

  • Expedited admission into the graduate program
  • Application fee waiver
  • Letters of recommendation waiver
  • Automatic GRE waiver
  • Share six credits between the Undergraduate and Graduate transcripts
  • Undergraduate tuition rate for the first year of graduate program
  • Customized accelerated curriculum to complete the degree in one year


  • Bachelor's Degree from the U of I
  • Major in a related field
  • 3.0 GPA (minimum)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Idaho residency for tuition purposes at the time you start your graduate program


  • Students earn a master’s degree in 1 year if continuously enrolled after their undergraduate degree
  • Seamless admission process for eligible students. The application fee, letters of recommendation, and the GRE are waived.

U of I undergraduate students in Senior status who are earning a bachelor’s degree qualify. To apply, please start here. You are also encouraged to reach out to your current academic advisor, the Graduate Admissions Office, or the Academic Program of your interest.

Your first step when considering a 4+1 Master’s is to talk to your academic advisor. You are also encouraged to connect with the Director of Graduate Studies for the graduate program of your interest to determine which courses you will share between your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Students in the 4+1 Master’s are not eligible for departmental Teaching or Research Assistantship (TA/RA) but may apply for other types of scholarship through Financial Aid.

If you are not able to finish your master’s in 1 year, you can continue taking courses until you complete your graduation requirements. The undergraduate tuition rate only applies to the first year of graduate school so you will be paying graduate fees for the rest of the program. Although you will no longer be eligible for undergraduate tuition, you will be able to earn your degree while studying at you own pace.

One of the requirements for the 4+1 master's is Idaho residency. Students who are non-residents for tuition purposes during their undergraduate studies can become eligible for the accelerated master's if they apply and are approved for Idaho residency. Please find more information on how to qualify on the Idaho Residency for Tuition Purposes website.

Applicants who are not US citizens may apply for Idaho residency for tuition purposes by submitting the Residency Worksheet. They must also read and complete the Attestation of Lawful Presence to include with their worksheet and documentation.

Even if you are currently enrolled at the U of I and have resided in Idaho for the last year of your undergraduate program, a Residency Worksheet is required to determine your in-state residency status. If selecting Pathway 8, we recommend you wait to submit your residency application until you have completed your undergraduate degree but no later than the first day of your graduate program. Find more information on Idaho residency eligibility.

International students could qualify for the 4+1 track when they apply and are approved for Idaho residency for tuition purposes as non-citizens lawfully present in the U.S. Please find more information on the Idaho Residency for Tuition Purposes website.

4 + 1 Master's Program Contact

Polly Tohaneanu

Director of Graduate Admissions

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