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WSU Students

In 1984, Washington State University (WSU) joined with the University of Idaho NROTC program under a cross-town agreement for Naval Officer education. From 1984-2012 this relationship included WSU granting full academic credit to include “grade points” as part of the cumulative “grade point average” for Naval science courses offered at the University of Idaho campus.

In the fall of 2012, WSU changed their policy. Credits for Naval science courses taken at the University of Idaho were added to the WSU transcript; however, “grade points” were not computed into the respective WSU student’s grade point average. 

In the spring of 2018, WSU changed their policy again. Now, WSU students enrolled in the NROTC program will earn Naval science grade credit toward their transcript GPA and are eligible for inclusion in the Minor in Naval Science degree option. As a standard, all Naval science courses (24 units Navy option) (21 units Marine Corps option) must still be completed in order to earn a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps through the NROTC program.

For specific questions, please call the Washington State University Registrar’s Office at 509-335-2522.

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