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Northwest Navy

Northwest Navy is the annual competition between the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) units at the University of Idaho/Washington State, the University of Utah, the University of Washington, and Oregon State University. It is hosted every spring and includes a variety of competition categories and teams. The events held each year depend on the host universities assets and capabilities but typically include numerous events listed below.

Rifle PistolAmmo Can Relay is a team of males and females that compete in a 4x100 and 4x400 relay carrying a standard weighted ammo can for time.

Reg DrillRegulation Drill consists of a team of all freshmen midshipmen, three sophomore midshipmen, and one junior midshipman. The team practices from early fall until the competition, perfecting basic drill and preparing to execute a specific drill sequence. The team also undergoes an inspection.

Color GuardColor Guard is a drill team that performs a drill sequence and undergoes an inspection. The Color Guard team ranges from four to five members.

AcademicsAcademics Team is a group of five individuals (four active competitors and one substitute) that participate in "knowledge-bowl" type activities on topics related to Naval Science courses, current naval events, and amphibious warfare.

PRTPhysical Readiness Training (PRT) is a team of males and females that runs a standard PRT. The events include sit-ups, push-ups, and a mile and a half run.

CFTCombat Fitness Test (CFT) is a team of males and females that runs a standard CFT. The events include ammo-can lifts and maneuver under fire drills.

SwimSwim is a team of males and females that compete in a swim meet portion of the competition. The events include both relay and individual races in various strokes.

SoccerVolleyball/Tug of War/Flag Football/Basketball all play their respective sports in an elimination style tournament.

Rifle PistolEndurance Race is a team consisting of five individuals that run a five kilometer race after having 60 seconds to memorize ten random objects. Points are awarded for the speed of the run and the accuracy of the objects remembered.

Reg DrillLand Navigation is a team event based off of the standard Marine Corps Land Navigation course. Here teams work together to use their pace count and bearing information to find the most points in the fastest time.

Color GuardWeapons Relay is a four person team that competes to disassemble and reassemble an M16A4 rifle twice through. The event is a test of speed and accuracy as participants assemble and disassemble the rifle as fast as possible.

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