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"Why Idaho?"

For Seamen to Admiral-21 (STA-21) students that are worried about expenses while working towards their commission, the University of Idaho and Washington State University are a perfect choice. The cost of living in the area is low and college tuition and fees are also below the tuition stipend provided by the Navy. Both schools offer excellent engineering programs. The University of Idaho’s engineering students have a 92% passing rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (the national average is 75% [non-weighted]) and Washington State University has over 100 dedicated engineering professors and $20 million in grants for the College of Engineering.

If the great outdoors is something that you enjoy, Idaho offers some of the best outdoor skiing, hiking, and rafting experiences available. Join other outdoor enthusiasts backpacking, rock climbing, and white water rafting with gear rental from the University Outdoor Program. If physical fitness is your cup of tea, the University of Idaho offers a great Student Recreation Center. Built in 2002, it boasts 80,000 square feet of basketball courts, treadmills, free weights, and more, as well as a 6,000 square foot climbing area. Both schools offer exciting Division I sports teams and WSU is a member of the PAC-12, one of the most competitive conferences in the country.

Family Support

The U of I/WSU NROTC takes great pride supporting active duty members and their families. The NROTC unit offers several family events including the annual Christmas party, an enjoyable event if you have children and family members. Many of our active duty members, both STA-21 and MECEP, have families and support each other with up-to-date information about local daycare facilities and family support groups. The NROTC unit also has additional support for families with its Spouse Support Group (SSG).

Things to Know


When arriving to a NROTC unit, the member’s uniform allowance will stop. Many of our members overlooked this information when applying to the program and learned from painful experience about this detail.

Many times a year, our active duty members take part in commissioning ceremonies as well as other events that require the enlisted dress blues or whites. Make sure to not throw your uniforms away and keep them up-to-date as necessary.

Checking In:

When checking in make sure to bring all your medical records, copies of your orders, your service record, and travel information. Our administration staff will assist you with any travel-related issues or questions.

One key component of the training unit is that it is treated as a training center. When you show up to the unit, make sure your things are in order, and you are ready to be trained. The unit requires all members to be at the unit a week prior to school starting in order to integrate its active duty into the unit.

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