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Vandalizing CampusLabs

This summer (2019), the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation will lead implementation of a new integrated data platform system called CampusLabs. Information about CampusLabs and progress in implementing the system at U of I will be updated regularly on this webpage. Please check back often for information on making the transition from our homegrown Assessment, Course Evaluation, GSS and External Program Review systems to an integrated CampusLabs system.

If you have questions during this process, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation at

Frequently Asked Questions about CampusLabs

CampusLabs offers an integrated platform supporting campus intelligence and decision-making processes. Currently, we use several homegrown systems that provide no integration or analysis of learning outcomes assessment data, external program reviews, survey data, etc. Using CampusLabs, we can bring many sources of data into one integrated space where we can answer questions about our programs and our students. The CampusLabs suite of products includes analytical tools and dashboards, planning and reporting features, and data collection tools. At U of I, it will replace homegrown systems currently used for our Graduating Senior Survey (GSS), student evaluations of teaching, external program reviews, and learning outcomes assessment. It will also house some of the existing data sets we collect such as the National Survey of Student Engagement, The Freshman Survey, and other valuable insights.

See the full list of benefits and features included in our CampusLabs license for greater detail. Please note that some features may not be initially available as we implement the product in stages.

Demands for data have grown, and our homegrown systems no longer support the complexity of data collection and reporting expected of us. Additionally, these systems were designed with software that will no longer be supported due to upgrades required to other U of I systems. In recent years, the current systems have been vulnerable to errors and could only be minimally maintained.

CampusLabs was selected over a lengthy RFP process that brought several competitors to campus for live demos in fall 2018. Multiple opportunities for learning about the competing products were communicated across campus (inviting everyone including faculty, staff, administrators, and students), and web demos were provided to members of the University Assessment Committee and the Accreditation and Program Review Committee in 2017-18. Based on feedback received from many who attended one or more sessions, CampusLabs was chosen as the best solution.

U of I will seek reaccreditation in 2021-2022 and CampusLabs will help position us for a successful review.

Potentially everyone at U of I. All faculty and staff will have access to CampusLabs using single sign-on credentials. Students will use the system to give course evaluations and take surveys. Access to content within CampusLabs will be based on individual role at U of I and educational/business need to access specific information.

Yes! U of I has purchased four full days of live on-campus training for the 2019-2020 academic year. Additionally, our office will offer additional trainings as needed, make resources readily available to our campus community, and will support each user the best we can. It is our hope that we will have trained experts within each college and business unit as well.

While learning a new system can seem intimidating (remember the first days of Banner?) the new system was chosen in part due to its user-friendly interface and powerful tools. It is our hope that spending some time learning the system will save users time in the long run and that the benefits of using the system will be rewarding.

CampusLabs offers various live webinars throughout the academic year, available at no cost. Check their webinars page regularly for live offerings. Recorded webinars, podcasts and other resources are also available from CampusLabs. If you would like to receive new insights from CampusLabs in your inbox, be sure to subscribe to the CampusLabs Community.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation also maintains a webpage with additional opportunities for professional development that you may find helpful. The latter will be updated with times and locations for CampusLabs user training in the coming year.

Anyone interested in serving in a pilot process or testing group should send an email to IEA seeks a diverse range of testers and early adopters to help guide the implementation and product set up. We welcome your voice.

We will export data that can be easily moved into CampusLabs. However, some data such as prior year assessment plans/reports and external program reviews will simply be archived and accessible as snapshots or archived documents. Programs will enter new data in the new system; data entered in old systems will still be accessible and retained as they are.

If you still have questions not answered here, please send your question to

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