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Live Response Rates

Monitor Your Response Rates Online

The Online Response Rate Report shows real time response rate data.

Tips on Boosting Response Rates

  1. Discuss SET early in the semester and let students know that their responses are important and why. Revisit mid-semester with a short mention and discussion of the SET and its role in improving their learning experience.
  2. Let students know that faculty do not see results until after they submit grades. That way students will know that their responses cannot affect their grades.
  3. Include the URL for the online SET system on your course syllabus:
  4. Put the link to the online SET system on your course website. The following URL is for students:
  5. Announce to students the window of time that your course will be open for evaluation. Refer students to the Evaluation Schedule. Once the evaluation window has closed, students will not be able to evaluate your course.
  6. Use your class email list to remind students to fill out the course evaluation. The online SET system automatically sends an initial email, and reminder emails, to students, but it has been shown to be more effective coming directly from the course instructor.
  7. Inform students of the importance of student input and that course evaluations are taking seriously by the University of Idaho:
    • Student evaluations are a vital part of the process of maintaining and improving the quality of students' educational experiences at the University of Idaho.
    • Constructive responses are used by instructors at the University of Idaho to guide their changes and improvements to courses.
    • Course evaluations are used in the evaluation process of University of Idaho faculty.
  8. Inform students that student identity is confidential in the online SET system. When a student submits a course evaluation, his/her identity is separated from the evaluation he/she submits. A flag is entered into one file which contains the student's identity. This tells the SET system whether a student has completed the evaluation for a particular course. The content of the evaluation is entered into a separate table that does not include the student's identity. These two tables cannot be linked.
  9. Bring your class to a computer lab and allow time for students to evaluate your course. Or suggest that students bring their laptop computers to class and allow them to spend some class time to fill out SET. To reserve a computer lab, send an email to
  10. Announce the procedure for completing a course evaluation, using the online SET system:
    • Login to the University of Idaho’s Banner Web interface.
    • From here, a choice of classes in which the student is enrolled and his/her respective instructor(s) will pop up.
    • Simply choose a course and instructor and complete the online evaluation.
  11. Look up your response rate and thank the X% of your students who have responded, making sure that they know you are interested in both the response rate and hearing what they have to say.

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