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University Assessment Committee

This Committee facilitates communication, development and implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in respective departments and colleges. The University Assessment Committee (UAC) will support the development of program learning outcomes assessment plans and reports to ensure a quality education, continuous program improvement and compliance with accreditation standards.

Committee members are nominated by the Dean or Vice President to represent their unit on this university-wide committee.

Committee Membership for 2018-19

  • Sara Mahuron, Chair (IEA)
  • Katherine Evans (LAW)
  • Andrew Nelson (CNR)
  • Darryl Woolley (CBE)
  • Rance Larsen (GRAD)
  • Matt Doumit (CALS)
  • Ann Abbott (COS)
  • Steve Beyerlein (COE)
  • Diane Prorak (LIB)
  • Deborah Thorne (CLASS)
  • Xiao Hu (CAA)
  • Shawn O’Neal (DSA)
  • Dan Campbell (CEHHS)
  • Bobbi Gerry (SEM)
  • Dean Panttaja (Director, GenEd)
  • Vacant (UG Student)
  • Leslie Hammes (Grad Student)

The committee meets monthly during the academic year.

Physical Address:
Admin, Room 208
Moscow, ID 83844-3163

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3163
Moscow, ID 83844-3163

Phone: 208-885-7995

Fax: 208-885-7998


Web: Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation