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Idaho Law Review: Volume 57

Idaho Law Review: Volume 57

Volume 57, Issue 1

Jason Robison, Matthew McKinney, & Daryl Vigil, Community in the Colorado River Basin, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2021).

Jeffrey Baldridge, Brown v. United States: The Greater Good Be Damned, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 95 (2021).

Dixon S. Hammer, Hydrokinetic Development within Irrigation District Canals Provide a Unique Opportunity to Lessen the Dependence on Carbon-Based Energy Sources, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 129 (2021).

Taylor Henshaw, Richard Kyle Paisley, & Glen Hearns, Building Climate Change and Ecosystem-Based Function Considerations into a Modernized Columbia River Treaty: A CommentaryNRELHenshaw Final approved, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 151 (2021).

Nadège Montagnon, The Recent Idaho Supreme Court Ruling on the Reserved Rights of the Coeur d’Alene Reservation: Analysis of the Consistency of the State Court Case with Federal Law on Reserved Water Rights, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 175 (2021).

Volume 57, Issue 2

Madison E. Basterrechea, Non-Criminal Behavior: Why Idaho’s Domestic Violence Laws Are Inaccurate and Inefficient, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 193 (2021).

Joshua Cutler, A Hebrew Republic of Taxation? Henry George’s Single Tax, Hebraic Law, and Unearned Income, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 227 (2021).

Rylee I. Dolven, Urban Sprawl and Farmland Protection: Responding to Changes in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 269 (2021).

Erin Hanson, Cruel and Unusual: The Constitutional Requirements for Heightened Protections for Defendants with Severe Mental Illness in Capital Cases, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 299 (2021).

Eric L. Jensen & Aaron Stancik, The Emerging Cannabis Industry Among Native American Tribes: Jurisdictional Complexities and Policy in Washington State, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 325 (2021).

Thorpe P. Orton, Judge Dillon Did Not Invent Dillon’s Rule: Origins, Ultra Vires and Expressed Power for Municipal Corporations in the Context of Criticism Calling for Home Rule Power, Focused on Idaho, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 341 (2021).

John E. Rumel,Promises Made, Promises Broken: The Anatomy of Idaho’s School Funding Litigation, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 381 (2021).

Stephen E. Smith, What’s in a Name? Strict Scrutiny and the Right to a Public Trial, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 447 (2021).

Yosuke Watanabe, I, Inventor: Patent Inventorship for Artificial Intelligence Systems, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 473 (2021).

Volume 57, Issue 3

Ritchie Eppink, Underneath the Masks: Essays from Three of the Millions of People We Imprison, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 497 (2022).

Patrick Irving, The Power of Prisontation, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 499 (2022).

James R., Injustices in the System: The True Way of Change Is within the System, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 503 (2022).

Chris Shanahan, Retribution: The True Cost, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 509 (2022).

Madeline Bailey & Jennifer Peirce, Reversing the Rural Jail Population Boom, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 525 (2022).

Aliza Plener Cover, Narrowing Death Eligibility in Idaho: An Empirical and Constitutional Analysis, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 559 (2022).

Wayne P. Fuller, A Different Perspective, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 609 (2022).

Melissa Hamilton, Algorithmic Risk Assessment: A Progressive Policy in Pretrial Release, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 615 (2022).

Connor McCleskey, Private Prison Telecom Corporations and State Action: How This One Trick Will Allow Plaintiffs to Disrupt an $8 Billion Industry, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 635 (2022).

Laura R. McNeal, A Call to Action: Zero Tolerance for the School-to-Prison Pipeline, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 663 (2022).

Deborah Paruch, The Solitary Confinement of Juveniles: It Is a Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 689 (2022).

Kate Aschenbrenner Rodriguez, Immigration Detention: Erosion or Reinforcement of a Theory of Immigration Exceptionalism, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 719 (2022).

Cristina Mendez, Jeffrey Selbin & Gus Tupper, Blood from a Turnip: Money as Punishment in Idaho, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 761 (2022).

Cynthia Elaine Tompkins, Disparities and Mass Incarceration: Laws, Policies & Implicit Bias, Contributing to Blacks’ Mass Incarceration and Addiction Treatment for Whites, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 793 (2022).

Lorenn Walker, Leslie Kobayashi & Jeannie Lum, Kapilipono: A U.S. District of Hawai’i Specialty Court Pilot Project, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 827 (2022).

Kassadie Dunham, The Impact of Remote Appearances on the Post-Pandemic Court, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 851 (2022).

Dee Jones, State v. Clarke: Down the Road, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 869 (2022).

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