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Idaho Law Review: Articles

Volume 58, Issue 1

Michael C. Blumm, The Mistake on the Snake: The Lower Snake River Dams, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2022).

Adrienne M. Marshall & A.C. Lute, Changing Hydroclimate in the Columbia River Basin: Potential Impacts on the Snake River Dams, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 36 (2022).

Crystal M. Callahan & Katherine E. Himes, Natural Resource Policy and Collaborative Processes, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 74 (2022).

Lucius Caldwell, Potential Effects of Snake River Dam Removal on Salmonids, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 91 (2022).

Alexander Maas, The Inadequacies of Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Tool for Decision-Making: To Breach or not to Breach, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 109 (2022).

Jillian Greene, Idaho Public Land Access: Amending Road Laws to Ensure Public Land Remains Accessible, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 133 (2022).

Volume 58, Issue 2

Roderick E. Walston, The Public Trust Doctrine: The Nevada and California Supreme Courts’ Divergent Views in Mineral County and National  Audobon Society, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 158 (2022).

Anthony M. Ciolli, Territorial Constitutional Law, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 206 (2022).

Rebecca M. Fitz, Peering Into Passive Electioneering: Preserving the Sanctity of Our Polling Places, 57 Idaho L. Rev. 270 (2022).

Alaina Heuring, Third Time’s a Charm: the Case for Ban the Box Legislation in Idaho, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 288 (2022).

Brooke Kenney, Idaho’s Noneconomic Damage Cap on Whistleblowers: Adding Another Claim to the List of Unconstitutional Caps in Idaho, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 317 (2022).

Natalie Lussier, Nonconsensual Deepfakes: Detecting and Regulating the Rising Threat to Privacy, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 352 (2022).

Marcus H. Waterman, Idaho’s LLC Act: Oral Operating Agreements and the Statute of Frauds, 58 Idaho L. Rev. 383 (2022).

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