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Idaho Law Review Articles

The Idaho Law Review has been the scholarly voice of the University of Idaho College of Law and a valuable resource for judges, practitioners, and scholars around the country for more than 60 years.

Latest Issue - Volume 60, Issue 2

David Ray Papke, The Jurisprudence of Transcendentalism, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 185 (2024).

Catherine Yenne, Reviving the Alien Tort Statute: A Roadmap to Recovery for Asylum Seekers Suffering the Harm of Refoulement, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 207 (2024).

Eliot T. Tracz, Textualism and the Living Constitution, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 243 (2024).

Katelyn De La Cruz, A Blueprint for Restorative Criminal Justice in the United States: Three Non-Traditional Systems Coming Together, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 263 (2024).

David A. Koplow, Updating Senator Borah: A Nuclear Kellogg-Briand Pact, 60 Idaho L. Rev 295 (2024).

Volume 60, Issue 1

Honorable Chief Justice G. Richard Bevan, Honoring a Distinguished Career: A Tribute to John R. Stegner on His Retirement from the Idaho Supreme Court, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2024).

Honorable Danielle J. Forrest & Jaycee Nall, Justice John R. Stegner: The View From Inside Chambers, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 3 (2024). 

Michael Kirkham, Judge Stegner: A Model of Idaho's Self-Restrained Judiciary, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 13 (2024).

Robert M. Jarvis, Idaho's Anti-Cannibalism Statute: An Assessment of a Unique Law (With Some Suggestions for Its Improvement), 60 Idaho L. Rev. 31 (2024).

Linda Halsey, Why Idaho Should Revisit Its Prohibition of Personhood for AI, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 63 (2024).

Thomas Marts, SEC Proposed Climate Disclosures: Preparing for a New Era of Climate Litigation in Idaho and Beyond, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 91 (2024).

Merlyn W. Clark, CPM, Mediation Ethics: Governing Laws, Rules and Standards; Mediator Liability/Immunity; Ethical Dilemmas and Practical Problems, 60 Idaho L. Rev. 127 (2024).

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