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Idaho Law Review: Volume 52

Volume 52, Issue 3

Hon. Candy W. Dale, Transcript of Keynote Speech, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 815 (2016).

Joanna L. Grossman, Expanding the Core: Pregnancy Discrimination Law as it Approaches Full Term, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 825 (2016).

Paula A. Monopoli, The Market Myth and Pay Disparity in Legal Academia, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 867 (2016).

Deborah L. Brake, Reviving Paycheck Fairness: Why and How the Factor-Other-Than-Sex Defense Matters, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 891 (2016).

Pam Howland, Idaho Employers Maneuver Through Inconsistent and Confusing Discrimination Laws While Awaiting Formal Human Rights Expansion, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 913 (2016).

David C. Yamada, “Mass Exploitation Hidden in Plain Sight”: Unpaid Internships and the Culture of Uncompensated Work, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 937 (2016).

Eric M. Fink, Union Organizing & Collective Bargaining for Incarcerated Workers, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 953 (2016).

Comment, A. Christi Disparte, Idaho vs FLSA: Department of Corrections Must Change to Comply with Federal Law, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 975 (2016).

Volume 52, Issue 2

Charles B. Craver, Classic Negotiation Techniques, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 425 (2016).

Bart M. Davis, Idaho’s Messy History with Term Limits: A Modest Response, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 463 (2016).

Hon. Rebecca Love Kourlis, Civil Justice Reform: A Movement, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 497 (2016).

John A. Miller & Aaron D. Roepke, Medicaid Planning in Idaho, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 507 (2016).

Kyle Bastian, Comment, Freedom to Float: Requiring Reasonable Suspicion for Boating Stops on Idaho Waterways, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 547 (2016).

Ingrid Batey, Comment, Attorney Fee Awards in Idaho: A Handbook, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 583 (2016).

F. M. Cody D. Earl, Comment, Behind the Times: A Comparative Argument that the State of Idaho Should Combat the Revolving Door Effect with Waiting Period Legislation, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 639 (2016).

Bonnie C. Groller, Comment, Cosmetic Repair to a Crumbling Foundation: A Critical Examination of Idaho’s Most Recent Indigent Defense Legislation, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 669 (2016).

Beck Roan, Comment, Ignoring Individualism: How a Disregard for Neuroscience and Supreme Court Precedent Makes for Bad Policy in Idaho’s Mandatory Juvenile Transfer Law, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 719 (2016).

Anja R. Rodriguez, Comment, Tailoring the Rules: Finding the Right Fit of Rules of Procedure to Suit Idaho Family Law, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 755 (2016).

Volume 52, Issue 1

Natural Resources & Environmental Law Edition

Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr., Snake River Basin Adjudication and John Wesley Powell’s Much-Misunderstood Water Commonwealth Governance Proposal, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2016).

John E. Thorson, A Permanent Water Court Proposal for a Post-General Stream Adjudication World, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 17

Ann Y. Vonde et al., Understanding the Snake River Basin Adjudication, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 53 (2016).

Clive J. Strong & Michael C. Orr, Understanding the 1984 Swan Falls Settlement, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 223 (2016).

Phillip J. Rassier, The Role of the Idaho Department of Water Resources in the Snake River Basin Adjudication, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 289 (2016).

Jeanette Wolfley, Biagaweit: Securing Water from the Mighty River in the Snake River Basin Adjudication, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 313 (2016).

Francis E. McGovern, Trust and the SRBA Mediation, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 335 (2016).

Jeffrey C. Fereday & Christopher H. Meyer, What is the Federal Reserved Water Rights Doctrine, Really? Answering this Question in Idaho’s Snake River Basin Adjudication, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 341 (2016).

Michael C. Blumm, Federal Reserved Water Rights as a Rule of Law, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 369 (2016).

K.K. DuVivier et al., Transmission and Transport of Energy in the Western U.S. and Canada: A Law and Policy Road Map, 52 Idaho L. Rev. 387 (2016).

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