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Idaho Law Review: Volume 50

Volume 50, Issue 2

Stephen R. Miller, Symposium Introduction: Resilient Cities: Environment, Economy, Equity, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 1 (2014).

Andrea McArdle, Storm Surges, Disaster Planning, and Vulnerable Populations at the Urban Periphery: Imagining a Resilient New York After Superstorm Sandy, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 19 (2014).

John Travis Marshall & Ryan Max Rowberry, Urban Wreckage and Resiliency: Articulating a Practical Framework for Preserving, Reconstructing, and Building Cities, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 49 (2014).

Kellen Zale, Urban Resiliency and Destruction, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 85 (2014).

Melissa M. Berry, Thinking Like a City: Grounding Social-Ecological Resilience in and Urban Land Ethic, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 117 (2014).

Palma Joy Strand, Cultivating “Civity”: Enhancing City Resilience with Bridging Relationships and Increased Trust, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 153 (2014).

Jeffrey B. Litwak, State Border Towns and Resiliency: Barriers to Interstate Intergovernmental Cooperation, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 193 (2014).

Christopher K. Odinet, Fairness, Equity, and a Level Playing Field: Development Goals for the Resilient City, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 217 (2014).

Craig Anthony Arnold, Resilient Cities and Adaptive Law, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 245 (2014).

Keynote Address

Transcript of the Keynote Speech by Ken Alex


Spencer W. Holm, What’s the Tiff About Tif?: An Incremental Approach to Improving the Perception, Awareness, and Effectiveness of Urban Renewal in Idaho, 50 Idaho. L. Rev. 273 (2014).

Volume 50, Issue 1

Stuart L. Pardau, Bill, Baby, Bill: How the Billable Hour Emerged as the Primary Method of Attorney Fee Generation and Why Its Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2013).

Alexander T. MacDonald, Permanent Replacements: Organized Labor’s Fall, Employment Law’s (Incomplete) Rise, and the Way Forward, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 19 (2013).

Jodi Wood Jewell, Legislating Higher Education: Applying the Lessons of No Child Left Behind to Post-Secondary Education Reformation Proposals, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 53 (2013).

Sherman J. Bellwood Lecture Keynote Address

Morris S. Dees, Jr. With Just for All in a Changing America, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 101 (2013).


Owen Moroney, Complicating the Complicated: Southern Union and How Environmental Crime Cases Just Became More Complex, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 115 (2013).

Matthew G. Bennett, Idaho Custody Determinations: Limits on Standing, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 141 (2013).

Bradley D. Vandendries, Power to the People, Hydroelectric Utilities and the Need for Recognition of the Judicial Takings Theory, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 169 (2013).

Eric P. Vandenburg, America Invents Act: How It Affects Small Businesses, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 201 (2013).

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