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Idaho Law Review: Volume 49

Volume 49, Issue 3

Frank Pommersheim, Land into Trust: An Inquiry into Law, Policy, and History, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 519 (2013).

Andrew S. Jorgensen, Choice of Law in Idaho: A Survey and Critique of Idaho Cases, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 547 (2013).

Robert Anderson, Way out West: A Comment Surveying Idaho State’s Legal Protection of Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Individuals, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 587 (2013).

Kristina Fugate, One Bird Causing a Big Conflict: Can Conservation Agreements Keep Sage Grouse off the Endangered Species List?, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 621 (2013).

Ryan S. Hunter, Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: Nullification and the Question of Gubernatorial Executive Power in Idaho, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 659 (2013).

Volume 49, Issue 2

Robin Kundis Craig, Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking), Federalism, and the Water-Energy Nexus, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 241 (2013).

Joseph W. Dellapenna, A Primer on Groundwater Law, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 265 (2013).

Patrick Parenteau & Abigail Barnes, Building Off-Ramps on the Shale Gas Superhighway, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 325 (2013).

Christopher S. Kulander, Common Law Aspects of Shale Oil and Gas Development, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 367 (2013).

Keith B. Hall, Hydraulic Fracturing: Trade Secrets and the Mandatory Disclosure of Fracturing Water Composition, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 399 (2013).

Jim Wedeking, Up in the Air: The Future of Environmental Management for Hydraulic Fracturing Will Be about Air, Not Water, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 437 (2013).

Carlos R. Romo, Rethinking the ESA’s “Orderly Progression”—Recovery Credit Systems and Energy Development on Public Lands, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 471 (2013).

John F. Peiserich & Michael R. Christian, A Summary of Revisions to Idaho’s Oil and Gas Conservation Act and Rules: Responding as Production in Idaho Nears Reality, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 497 (2013).

Volume 49, Issue 1

Anthony J. Domanico et al., Overcoming Miranda: A Content Analysis of the Miranda Portion of Police Interrogations, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2012).

Paul R. Harrington, The Establishment of Prior Appropriation in Idaho, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 23 (2012).

Rick Visser & Greg Hampikian, When DNA Won’t Work, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 39 (2012).

Sean F. Nolon, Second Best Practices?: Addressing Mediation’s Definitional Problems in Environmental Siting Disputes, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 69 (2012).

Neal A. Koskella, The Enigma of Sales Taxation Through the Use of State or Federal “Amazon” Laws: Are We Getting Anywhere?, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 121 (2012).

Jaron A. Robinson, Land, Libations, and Liberty: RLUIPA and the Specter of Liquor Control Laws, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 157 (2012).

Josh Sundloff, Giving Mechanic’s Lien Rights to Design Professionals in Idaho: The Logical Solution, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 205 (2012).

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