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Idaho Law Review: Volume 48

Volume 48, Issue 3

Andrew M. Hyer et al., Paying for Long-Term Care in the Gem State, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 351 (2012).

Thad Blank, Time to Recommit: The Department of Justice’s Indian Resources Section, the Trust Duty, and Affirmative Litigation, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 391 (2012).

Peter R. Anderson & Aaron J. Kraft, Why Does Idaho’s Water Law Regime Provide for Forfeiture of Water Rights, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 419 (2012).

Benjamin J. Fosland, A Case of Not-So-Fatal Flaws: Re-Evaluating the Indian Tribal Energy and Self-Determination Act, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 447 (2012).

Mark F. Cecchini-Beaver, “Tough Law” Getting Tougher: A Proposal for Permitting Idaho’s Logging Road Stormwater Point Sources After Northwest Environmental Defense Center v. Brown, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 467 (2012).

Katheryn A. Bilodeau, The Elusive Implied Water Right for Fish: Do Off-Reservation Instream Water Rights Exist to Support Indian Treaty Fishing Rights, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 515 (2012).

Jennifer Meling-Aiko Jensen, Legislative Power at Odds: The Effect of a Referendum Petition in Idaho, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 553 (2012).

Jaclyn Hovda, The Efficacy of Idaho’s Domestic Violence Courts: An Opportunity for the Court System to Effect Social Change, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 587 (2012).

Volume 48, Issue 2

Jim Chen, Food and Superfood: Organic Labeling and the Triumph of Gay Science Over Dismal and Natural Science in Agricultural Policy, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 213 (2012).

Guy R. Knudsen, Where’s the Beef? How Science Informs GMO Regulation and Litigation, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 225 (2012).

Jack A. Bobo, Two Decades of GE Food Labeling Debate Draw to an End—Will Anybody Notice?, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 251 (2012).

Debra M. Strauss, The Role of Courts, Agencies, and Congress in GMOs: A Multilateral Approach to Ensuring the Safety of the Food Supply, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 267 (2012).

Andrew W. Torrance, Planted Obsolescence: Synagriculture and the Law, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 321 (2012).

Volume 48, Issue 1

Shaundra K. Lewis, Bullets and Books by Legislative Fiat: Why Academic Freedom and Public Policy Permit Higher Education Institutions to Say No to Guns, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2011).

Margaret M. Cordray, Expanding Pro Bono’s Role in Legal Education, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 29 (2011).

Christopher C. McCurdy & Ryan P. Thompson, The Power of Posner: A Study of Prestige and Influence in the Federal Judiciary, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 49 (2011).

Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III, Against Any Winds That Blow: The Special Role of the Judiciary in Protecting Rights and Securing the Rule of Law, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 73 (2011).

Jeffrey W. Bower, Clarity and Balance: Appellate Review of Harmless Error, Fundamental Error, and Prosecutorial Misconduct After State v. Perry, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 85 (2011).

Kale Gans, Anatomy of a Mortgage Meltdown: The Story of the Subprime Crisis, the Role of Fraud, and the Efficacy of the Idaho SAFE Act, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 123 (2011).

Brian Schlect, The New York Times Solution to the Ninth Circuit’s ‘Stolen Valor’ Problem, 48 Idaho L. Rev. 175 (2011).

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