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Expand your knowledge with these peer-reviewed educational videos.

Clean Water Video Series

Introduction to Clean Water Video Series

Learn to protect clean water in our lakes, streams and aquifers.

Riparian Vegetated Buffers Protect Land & Streams

Learn what riparian buffers are and types of riparian plants.

Wastewater Treatment Plants Removing Phosphorous

Learn how phosphorous removal helps solve nutrient loading problems.

Urban Farming for Health Water

Learn how community-based agriculture and home rain gardens help protect water.

Urban Forests & Protecting Lakes & Streams

Learn how street trees can absorb pollution and slow down rain runoff.

Urban Greenspaces for Clean Water

Discover how greenspaces can filter treat stormwater.

Bio-Swales for Natural Stormwater Treatment

Explore how bioinfiltration swales protect our water.

Highway Districts Protecting Clean Water

Explore some of the ways highway districts work to stop water pollution.

Master Water Stewards Video Series


Learn more about the IDAH2O Program.

Module 1

An introduction to the IDAH2O Program.

Module 2

Key water quality concepts.

Module 3

Getting started in IDAH2O.

Module 4

Stream habitat assessments.

Module 5

Physical and chemical stream assessments.

Module 6

Stream biology.

Module 7

Aquatic invasive species.