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Pesticide Safety Education

The University of Idaho educates applicators on pesticides and their alternatives. UI Extension promotes the safety of users, public and the environment.

First-Time License

University of Idaho offers pre-license training for those preparing for private or professional pesticide license exams. There are two-day classes each year.

Register for the Pre-License Training for Pesticide Applicators class.

Prepare for Law and Safety exam by purchasing eight new online modules here.

Exams and licenses are issued by the ISDA. For licensing information, visit the Idaho State Department of Agriculture website. Online registration with the ISDA is required before an exam session.

License Renewal

Recertification classes allow those with an applicator license to keep current on safety information. They also earn recertification credits on their license. Private applicators must complete six hours and professional applicators must complete 15 hours of training during the licensing period.

UI Extension conducts several pesticide recertification programs.

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is aimed at reducing the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. 

EPA-approved training materials for the new WPS have expanded content and are available here at the Pesticide Education Resources Collaborative (PERC)

For local WPS information, go to Idaho State Department of Agriculture.


Pesticide Training Manuals

Getting ready for applicator licensing or renewal? Check our listing of required study materials.


Look for manuals


Register for Pre-licensing Training for Pesticide Applicators class.

The National Pesticide Information Center has information on pesticides, toxicity and safety.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates pesticides nationally. Their website has information on pesticide science and policy.

Pesticide Safety Publications are written by UI Extension experts.

Educational Videos

Pesticide Labels

The Label from the Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training Program

Pesticide Safety

Pesticide Applicator Safety from Alabama A & M
Personal Protective Equipment for Pesticide Applicators from University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Pesticide Formulations Demonstration from Penn. State University
Pesticide Formulations Compatibility Demonstration from Penn. State University


What is Herbicide Resistance? from University of Arkansas
Herbicide Resistant Weeds from University of Missouri
Weed Resistance - An Issue that Will Not Go Away from University of Arkansas


Pocket Gopher Control from University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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