History, M.A.

Broaden your historical lens.

The ability to view and understand the world through a historical lens is a skill valued in many professions.

In this program, you will further develop your historical perspective through the advanced study and research of the human experience over centuries, continents and cultures.

You may focus your graduate studies on the history of modern Europe, modern United States, or North American West (including the Pacific Northwest). Other program strengths include the history of race and ethnicity, Native American cultures, Latin American cultures, labor, gender, religion, politics and international relations.

Students may choose a non-thesis option or a thesis option. A Ph.D. in Historical Archaeology is also available.

This program could be a good fit if you:

  • Are fascinated by history
  • Like museums, travel and learning about other cultures
  • Enjoy reading or watching biographies
  • Are a strong writer and analytical thinker
  • Are interested in national and global events

With a degree in history, you may become a/an:

  • Historian
  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Archeologist
  • Editor 
  • Museum director
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer (with additional education)
  • Diplomat
  • Freelance researcher
  • Politician
  • Political analyst
  • Public relations consultant
  • Intelligence analyst
  • International business consultant
  • Tourism and recreation director
  • Broadcaster
  • Employee for a nongovernmental organization (NGO)
  • Officer in the U.S. military

Available On-Campus

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