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Manoj K. Shrestha

Professor of Political Science, Director of Graduate Studies


321 Administration Building



Mailing Address

Department of Politics and Philosophy
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Dr., MS 3165
Moscow, ID 83844-3165

Manoj K. Shrestha is a professor of public administration and policy. His areas of teaching and research interests include public administration, public policy, local government, collaborative governance and networks, institutional collective action, and community sustainability.

  • M.A., Economics, Tribhuvan University
  • M.Sc., National Development and Project Planning, University of Bradford
  • Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University

Shrestha is an associate professor of public administration and policy. His research focuses on understanding the problems of developing and sustaining collaborative solutions to institutional collective action problems, emphasizing the role of self-organizing networks and collaborative programs in the governance and management of local public goods and water systems. Other related research interests include inter-local collaboration, and social-ecological interaction and community sustainability. He is also affiliated with Bioregional Planning & Community Design and Water Resources Program.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) Lab helps with social network research design, visualization, and statistical analysis (e.g. Exponential Random Graph Models) of social network data. Our goal is to create a community of researchers and scholars interested in social network research or apply social network methodology in their research. 

Interested faculty members, researchers, and graduate students of any discipline are welcome.




  • Local government
  • Water governance
  • Self-organizing networks
  • Inter-local collaboration
  • Social-ecological interaction
  • Community sustainability
  • Networks and Community Advancement
  • Water Governance Networks
  • Inter-Local Contract Networks and Public Service Provision

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  • Shrestha, Manoj K. 2002. An Overview of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Nepal, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Working Paper Number 02-5, Georgia State University.


Department of Politics and Philosophy

Physical Address:
205 Administration Building

Mailing Address:
Department of Politics and Philosophy
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3165
Moscow, ID 83844-3165

Phone: 208-885-6328