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University Communications and Marketing

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  • Animoto is a cloud-based video creation service that produces video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows.
  • This program helps the University of Idaho create single-topic informative on-brand videos that allow the viewer to stay focused on one takeaway.

Types of Stories

  • Single topic breakdown videos. 
    • Feature stories, important events or projects.
    • A single part of a larger concept.
    • Simplified research for a broad audience.

Animoto Examples

Burbot: Idaho's Freshwater Cod

Ever heard of burbot? They're native to Idaho and were once plentiful. Ken Cain, partners at the Kootenai Tribe and U of I students developed conservation aquaculture practices to re-establish one of Idaho's important tribal fisheries.

Sawfish Teeth as GPS

Sawfish teeth act as GPS? Our own Jensen Hegg wants to use sawfish teeth to help identify where the fish hang out, information that’s important to protect the species from extinction.

Story Format/Video Length

  • Start with a photo.
  • Place video and photos in between.
  • End with a graphic.
  • Videos can range between :45 and 1:30 as necessary.

How We Tell Our Story

  • Begin with a power statement.
  • Label each sequence with a topic title — follow with information regarding the given topic.
  • (End/graphic:) Bring the topic back to "you" (our audience).

Power Statement Examples

  • What if we could reduce the carbon footprint of jets?
  • Thinking big is nothing new for one U of I physicist.
  • At U of I, we uncover and share new ideas every day.


  • Animoto videos are created from short videos, photos, music and text to honor our past, celebrate traditions and define our identity.
  • Each slide is about four seconds long and comprises:
    • B-Roll: Supplemental or alternative clips intercut with the main shot.
    • A-Roll: Primary footage referring to talking heads or footage that directly relates to the theme. 
  • The videos are still and focused but have slight movement to ensure it's still a video.
  • Variety is necessary in creating a descriptive video but should remain objective, it must tell a story with a specific theme. 
  • Read more about the general videography styles.

Post-Production Editing

  • Use simple and sophisticated transitions and consider cuts that do not distract from the story.
  • Use a concise attribution that highlights the subject’s most significant role or title within the context of the story.
  • Assure consistent U of I branded color-grading from scene to scene. 
  • Slide pacing must be articulate, evenly integrated and match the video's tone.
  • Always sync audio with visuals.
  • Select music that matches tone and communication goals.
  • Use only the highest quality footage possible. 

Music Examples

Animoto provides music for you to choose while constructing your video. It's important to consider timing, pace and appropriateness when selecting a track. The following list provides examples of music on other University of Idaho Animoto videos:

  • Person Highlight- Johanna Gosse | Can We Stay – The Woodlands 
    • Sentimental, inspiring, delightful and soft — doesn't distract from story
  • Innovative Research: The Virtual Protein Builder | Freak Hop – Ed Napoli
    • Techno, inspiring, energetic — pulls viewers in through a consistent rhythm 
  • Student Project: A Mammoth Task | Sea of Colors- Chris Lewis
    • Instrumental, futuristic, techno — gives new projects a futuristic and inventive feel
  • Memorial Day: National Holiday | Solitary (Instrumental) - Cascades
    • Old-American, traditional, uplifting and sentimental — honors celebrations
  • Welcome to University House | Go For it – Fairground Lights
    • Inspiring, uplifting, fun — Adds optimism and inspiration to the video

Music can be found in Animoto as part of the platform.

Animoto Templates

Clean Cut

Animoto's pre-built template Clean Cut works best with U of I's brand.

  • Present information with clear titles and subtitles.
  • Titles: white, capitalized.
  • Subtitles: black, normal text.


A screenshot of the text: "The Virtual Protein Builder allows U of I students to visualize the structure of protein molecules."

Asset Quality & Ratio

Assets for Animoto videos can be user generated or created by Creative Services. Work with Creative Services for custom assets. When requesting user-generated media, please work with your storyteller in advance to set their device to the highest-quality setting. Examples below. 

Asset Quality Settings iPhone

  • Choose ratio 9:16.
  • Open Camera App.
  • Select the settings icon.
  • Scroll to Camera (on some phones it’s Photos/Camera).
  • Select “Record Video."
  • Select either 1080 HD or 4k @30 or 24 fps.

Asset Quality Settings Android

  • Choose ratio 9:16.
  • Open Camera App.
  • Select the settings icon.
  • Scroll to video quality or video resolution.
  • Select either 1080 HD or 4k @30 or 24 fps.

Primary Colors

Color is a critical University of Idaho identifier. Pride Gold, Black, Grey and White are the colors we use across all channels. 

Pride Gold

RGB 241-179-0


RGB 25-25-25


RGB 128-128-128


RGB 255-255-255



Montserrat is the closest typeface to the U of I brand font family of Ringside.

Other typefaces that may work:

  • Roboto Slab
  • Blogger Sans

Typeface Use

  • The title must be all caps. If necessary, the secondary line is smaller and regular text.
  • Always use approved fonts and keep text within title-safe zones. 
  • Font size should be legible, but not overpowering.


  • Create lower-thirds by writing desired text then position to the right or left and bottom of the frame. This depends on the subject's composition.
  • Animoto uses a free form text box, much like PowerPoint — this allows you to move the text box anywhere within the frame.
  • Refer to this example.

End Graphic Logo

A white logo slide must be included at the end of every video. The University of Idaho stacked two-color Black and Pride Gold logo must be used.


University Communications and Marketing

Physical Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3221
Moscow, ID 83844-3221

Phone: 208-885-6291

Fax: 208-885-5841


Directory Location