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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs
Dean of Students Office
Virginia Solan
TLC 232-A
University of Idaho
Moscow , ID 83843-2431
Phone: (208) 885-0688

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In addition to our Speaker's Bureau and Green Dot programming, the Violence Prevention Programs Office offers a variety of presentations relating to interpersonal violence, often presented in partnership with Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, our local community nonprofit victim advocacy organization.

Email VPP Coordinator Virginia Solan  or call her at (208)885-0688 to schedule a presentation or for more information. We can customize our presentations to fit your classroom, living group, organization or event needs. All presentations are inclusive of gender and sexual orientation. 


  • Sexual Assault (General)
  • Sexual Assault on College Campuses
  • Sexual Assault & People with Disabilities
  • The Intersections of Interpersonal Violence: (Overview) Child Abuse, Incest, Sexual Assault & Rape, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence & Stalking 
  • Domestic Violence (general)
  • Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice system
  • Domestic Violence as a Global Health Issue
  • Dating Violence (general)
  • Dating & Domestic Violence & Stalking: Technology as a Weapon
  • Stalking (general)
  • Interpersonal Violence: Unique Challenges for members of the LGBTQ community
  • How Can I Help? An overview of what friends, families and colleagues of survivors of violence need to know