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SAS Reference Materials

Introductory Material

UCLA SAS Learning Modules
A series of short tutorials with examples, covering a range of SAS procedures, by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA

Introductory SAS lecture (MP4)
This is a 50 minute lecture by Dr. Chris Williams, from a University of Idaho Engineering Outreach Sample Survey course.

Using Data from External Files (Excel, Txt, Etc.) in SAS

Reading Delimited (.csv, .txt) Data into SAS
Reading Delimited Data with Missing Observations into SAS
Reading .xls Data into SAS
Practical walkthroughs on importing various data types with short examples, by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA.

Getting Data into SAS: INFILE and INPUT
Gives more detailed information on SAS programs used to import data, but few examples. Written by Andrew T. Kuligowski, Nielsen Media Research.

SAS for Analysis of Linear Models

Linear Models in SAS
This is a good basic overview of linear models in SAS, including regression and ANOVA.

SAS Annotated GLM Output
By the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA.

Proc GLM and one-way ANOVA (PDF)
A one-way ANOVA example using Proc GLM by Dr. Vince Melfi of Michigan State University.

SAS User’s Guide: The GLM Procedure
This webpage has a lot of information. It’s really detailed and helpful, and includes links to examples at the bottom of the page.

General SAS Resources

Statistical Programs Unit in the University of Idaho College of Agriculture
This website has a lot of good information about the DATA step, PROC GLM, PROC MIXED, and other commands, which you can access through the SAS and then Workshops links. It also has help with common errors, under the SAS link.

SAS Documentation
A collection of many assorted SAS programs and tutorials, this is a great reference.


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