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Confronting Ebola with Computers
New working group uses advanced modeling techniques to understand evolution, spread of deadly virus.
» Learn how modeling is helping fight Ebola
Streamlining the Nuclear Force
Physics professor Ruprecht Machleidt’s work related to nuclear force models has been highlighted on the U.S. Department of Energy website.
» Learn more about Ruprecht Machleidt’s work
Professor David McIlroy
Big Award for Tiny Research
Physics Professor David McIlroy Recognized with Idaho NSF EPSCoR Award for Work with Nanomaterials
» More about Professor McIlroy's work with nanotechnology
A sun glint off the methane see on Staturn's moon Titan
Waves on an Alien World
UI physics researchers find first evidence of waves in Titan’s methane seas
» Read about Professor Jason Barnes's research
UI Researchers Help Decode New View of Saturn’s Moon Titan, Contribute to Cassini Mission
A team of NASA researchers around the nation, including Physics Assistant Professor Jason Barnes and his team of students, revealed this week a new view of Saturn’s moon Titan.
» Reab more about Jason Barnes and Matt Hedman's work
Studying Sand Dunes on "Tatooine" (and Titan)
Physics Professor Jason Barnes worked with U.S. and Tunisian researchers to study the movement of barchans (cresent-shaped dunes) on a Star Wars film set. Barnes is interested in the movement of barchans because he studies sand dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan.
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Rebecca LaVerne Winzer, Goldwater Scholar recipient 2013
Turning Opportunity into Gold(water)
Goldwater Scholar Rebecca LaVerne Winzer uses her research to provide a foundation for future physics success.
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Larz White and Chris Mirazadeh working on the supercomputer, Dirac, they built in the Physics Department.
More Power: Taking Education Up a Notch
One computer just wouldn’t cut it for Larz White's research. Larz found fellow physics graduate Chris Mirabzadeh with an interest in computer to help with his plan. Together they built Dirac, a supercomputer.
» Read more about Dirac
a drawing of the Aerial Vehicle for In-situ and Airborne Titan Reconnaissance (AVIATR)
Proposed AVIATR Project Captures the Scientific Imagination
Jason Barnes of the Physics Department is the lead scientist on an exciting proposal for unmanned exploration of Saturn's moon Titan.
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close-up image of a slide rule
Witness to an explosive history
Retired physics professor, Lawrence H. Johnston, is only man alive who saw all three atomic explosions.
» Read more about Johnston's experience
Infrared color image of Titan from the Cassini Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) instrument.
NASA Fuels U-Idaho Scientist’s Research of Outer Space
Physicist Jason Barnes studies Titan, one of Saturn’s moons
» Learn about Jason's research
Quinn MacPherson - Changing the World One Nanoparticle at a Time
Changing the World One Nanoparticle at a Time
Quinn MacPherson's achievements led to him being named a Goldwater Scholar – a prestigious national award that recognizes excellence in science and mathematics.
» Learn about Quinn's achievements in materials science engineering and physics