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Hirotachi Abo

Hirotachi Abo

Associate Professor


Brink Hall 315


(208) 885-7042

Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1103
Moscow, ID 83844-1103

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Saarland University (Germany), 2002

My research interests lie on objects in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and multi-linear algebra. My current research focus is on the study of problems in multi-linear algebra from an algebro-geometric viewpoint.

  • On Waring's problem for systems of skew-symmetric forms, (together with Jia Wan) Linear Algebra Appl. 439 (2013), no. 8, 2330–2349.
  • Varieties of completely decomposable forms and their secants. J. Algebra 403 (2014), 135–153.
  • On the dimensions of secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties (together with Maria Chiara Brambilla), Ann. Mat. Pura Appl.(4) 192 (2013), no. 1, 61-92.
  • New examples of defective secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties (together with Maria Chiara Brambilla), Collect. Math. 63 (2012), no. 3, 287-297.
  • Non-defectivity of Grassmanns of planes (together with Giorgio Ottaviani and Chris Peterson), J. Algebraic Geom. 21 (2012)m no. 1, 1-20. 
  • On non-defectivity of certain Segre-Veronese varieties, J. Symbolic Comput. 45 (2010), 1254-1269.
  • Secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties Pm x Pn embedded by the morphism given by O(1,2) (together with Maria Chiara Brambilla), Experiment. Math. 18 (2009), 269-284.
  • Petersen plane arrangements and a surface with multiple 7-secants (together with Holger P. Kley and Chris Peterson), Adv. Geom. 9 (2009), no. 3, 349-369.
  • Induction for secant varieties of Segre varieties (together with Giorgio Ottaviani and Chris Peterson), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 361 (2009), 767-792.

Research Grant

  • National Science Foundation, 2009-2012, "Collaborative Research: Algebraic Geometry of Tensors"


Physical Address:
Brink Hall 300

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1103
Moscow, ID 83844-1103

Phone: (208) 885-6742

Fax: (208) 885-5843


Web: Department of Mathematics