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Ag Talk Tuesday

Explore recordings of timely crop issues.

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Livestock YouTube

The UI Extension Livestock YouTube channel includes a variety of sheep, goat and beef.

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Biological Weed Control

Learn about noxious weeds and classical biological control agents.

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Expand your knowledge with these peer-reviewed educational videos.

Monitoring Insects with Bucket Traps

Learn how to set up a bucket trap to monitor flying insects.

Understanding International Trade

Learn the basics of international trade.

Why Trade and What to Trade?

Learn why countries trade with each other and how they decide what to produce.

World Supply and Demand

Learn how international trade affects the domestic market.

What is a Trade Deficit?

Learn about the balance of payments among countries in international trade.

Winners and Losers of Trade

Learn the pros and cons of free trade and examine the issue of tariffs.

Spider Mites in Sugar Beets

Learn how to identify and scout for two spotted spider mites.

Explore topics further with these longer class recordings.

Western Cover Crop Council: Introduction

Learn about the Western Cover Crops Council and its purpose.

Western Cover Crops Council: Field Tours

See examples of cover crops in action.

Western Cover Crops Council: Carbon Markets and Natural Capital

Learn about the regenerative agriculture movement.

Learn a few tips and tricks with these short how-to videos.

How to Measure Well Depth

Learn different techniques for measuring your irrigation well depth.

Learn about current research.

Comparative Cattle Grazing

Evaluating impacts of grazing cow-calf systems on range vs. irrigated pasture.

Annual Grass Management

Managing annual grasses in range ecosystems to reduce wildfire risk and promote healthier plants.