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Field Equipment Program

The Center for Ecohydraulics Research field program is designed to link our graduate student experience with agency and company activities through classes, field trips and collaborative field campaigns. Graduate students are trained in the use of the latest equipment and data processing techniques.

CER has a broad range of field equipment from commercially available gear and measurement systems to specialized high-end field monitoring equipment (commercially available as well as custom made). Below are some of the items used for our research:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
  • Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADV)
  • Price AA Acoustic Meters
  • Sonars and Echo sounders
  • Total Stations
  • Remote Bedload Traps
  • Sediment Sampling Equipment
  • Sieves, Shaker, Drying Oven, Scale
  • Shallow Well Installation Setup
  • Water Quality Sensors (EC meters, pH meters, Turbidimeters, etc.)
  • ISCO Water Samplers
  • Temperature Sensor Arrays
  • Small watercraft for sensor deployments (Catarafts, Kayaks)
  • Field Vehicle

Andy Tranmer, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Center for Ecohydraulics Research


Campus: Boise
Areas of Expertise: Hydrology, Water resources, Numerical and physical modeling, Fluvial geomorphology, Sediment transport, Channel evolution, River restoration

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Center for Ecohydraulics (CER)

Center for Ecohydraulics Research

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322 E. Front St., Suite 442
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-6164