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Low-cost Aquatic Field Sensors

CER has the capability to design and fabricate low-cost aquatic field sensor systems for long-term deployment at field sites.  These sensor systems are high-tech but low-cost, typically deployed in rivers, next to rivers, or in lakes.  They perform continuous monitoring at designated intervals (for example, taking data every 15 minutes) and can be configured in the store-and-download mode (user downloads once or twice a year) or the telemetry mode (hourly communicating data over wireless or cell phone networks).  The sensors systems are custom designed to meet user needs and can measure dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, temperature, and/or pressure.  They are battery powered with a typical lifespan of greater than two years.  CER has deployed hundreds of sensor system for local and regional projects and has collaborated with other universities who have specific needs for long-term measurements in the aquatic environment. 

Lake Sensors
Trail Creek
Sensor stakes in shop
Trail Creek Winter

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