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Movement Sciences
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Tony Pickering

Tony Pickering, Ph.D

Office: PEB 101
Phone: Phone: (208) 885-7921

College of Education
Department of Movement Sciences
Associate Professor

Campus Locations: Physical Education Building (PEB)

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Latent construct measurement. Psychometric and invariance attributes of self-report instruments
    • Efficacy of mental skills training across sport and non-sport contexts
    • Methodological approaches to investigating mental skills training via simulation technology
    • Implicit theory, and the relationships amongst ability belief mindsets, learning effectiveness, and personal values.
  • Selected Publications
    • McGraw, L., Granger, D., Out, D., Ohlson, C. Pickering, M.A., & Hammermeister, J. (2013). Nature, Correlates, and Consequences of Stress-related Biological Reactivity and Regulation in Army Nurses during Combat Casualty Simulation, Psychoneuroendocrinology,38(1), 135-144. 
    • Hammermeister, J.J., Pickering, M.A., McGraw, L. & Ohlson, C.J. (2012). The relationship between sport-related psychological skills and indicators of PTSD among Stryker Brigade Soldiers: The mediating effects of perceived psychological resilience. Journal of Sport Behavior, 35(1), 40-60.
    • Plotnikoff, R., Pickering, M., Glenn, N., Doze, S., Reinbold-Matthews, M., McLeod, L., Lau, D., Fick, G., Johnson, S., & Flaman, L. (2011). Reducing cardiovascular disease risk through physical activity counseling and diabetes education in adults with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 8(7), 944-954.
    • Pickering, M.A., Hammermeister, J., Ohlson, C., Holliday, B. and Ulmer, G. (2010). An exploratory investigation of relationships among mental skills and resilience in Warrior Transition Unit cadre members. Military Medicine, 175(4), 213-219.
    • Plotnikoff, R.C., Pickering, M.A., Rhodes, R.E., Courneya, K. and Spence, J. (2010). A Test of Cognitive Mediation in a 12-month Physical Activity Workplace Intervention: Does it Explain Behavior Change in Women? International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, 7(32).
    • Pickering, M.A. and Plotnikoff, R.C. (2009). Factor structure and measurement invariance of a 10-item decisional balance scale: Longitudinal and subgroup examination within an adult diabetic sample. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 13(4), 206-226.

  • Research Projects
    • Pickering, M.A. & Stolzer, A. (2012). The Enhanced General Aviation Pilot Survey: Refining safety metrics through flight activity self-reports. Project funded for $157,462 by Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.
    • Pickering, M.A., Hammermeister, J., Harada, C., Helms, K., Ryska, T., Smith, S., Ohlson, C., & Burbelo, G. (2011). Soldier Mental Fitness Psychological Construct Development and Validation. Project funded for $1,950,000 by Department of Defense – Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP) Advanced Technology Development Research Award. 
    • Pickering, M.A., Stolzer, A. (2010). The General Aviation Pilot Survey (GAPS): Improving Safety Metrics. Project funded for $134,000 by Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.
    • Adler, A., Bliese, P., Hammermeister, J., Pickering, M.A., Harada, C., Bredlow, B., Ohlson, C., Holliday, B., McGurk, D., & Csoka, L. (2009). Basic Training and Mental Fitness Study: Enhancing Performance and Mental Health. Project funded for $3,495,000 by Walter Reed Army Institute for Research. 
    • Schneider,W.,  Schunn, C., Huppert, T., Tokowicz, N., Moss, J., and Pickering, M.A. (2009). Biologically Accelerated Learning Technology (BALT) Phase II. Project funded for $250,000 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
    • McGraw, L., Hammermeister, J., Pickering, M.A., & Ohlson, C. (2009) Performance of Novice Army Nurses in a Combat Casualty Stress Scenario. Project funded for $89,925 by The Geneva Foundation - TriService Nursing Research Program.

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