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Movement Sciences

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College of Education
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Grace Karp Goc

Grace Goc Karp

Office: PEB 206
Phone: (208) 885-2187
Email: gockarp@uidaho.edu

College of Education
Department of Movement Sciences
Program Coordinator, Physical Education

Campus Locations: Moscow

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Physical Education Teacher Education
    • Assessment in Physical Education
    • School to Community Physical Activity Enrichment
  • Selected Publications
    • Wiggins, L. Goc Karp, G. (2013). Creating successful activity programs for middle school girls. Journal of Kinesiology and Wellness, http://wskw.org/publication/2013/creating-successful-activity- programs-middle-school-girls
    • McPhail, A., Tannehill, D., & Goc Karp, G. (2013). Preparing physical education pre-service teachers to design instructionally aligned lessons through constructivist pedagogical practices. Teaching and Teacher Education, 33(0), 100-112.
    • Pelchat, C. R., & Goc Karp, G. (2012). Using critical action research to enhance outdoor adventure education instructional practice. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership, 4(3), 199–219. http://dx.doi.org/10.7768/1948-5123.1125
    • Woods, M., Goc Karp, G., & Judd, M. (2011). Search chair and physical education teacher perceptions about filling PETE positions. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 20(2), 129-14.
    • Perlman, D. & Goc Karp, G. (2010). A Self-Determined Perspective of the Sport Education Model. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. 15(4), 401-418.
    • Liu, H., & Goc Karp, G., & Davis, D. (2010) Teaching Kindergarten Learning-Related Social Skills through a Modified Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 81(6), 38-46.
    • Goc Karp, G., & Woods, M.L. (2008). PTs Perceptions about Assessment and its Implementation. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 27(3), 327-346.
    • Perlman, D., and Goc Karp, G. (2007). Using TARGET to enhance pre-service teachers’ ability to identify and develop a motivational climate. Physical Educator, 64(2), 102-112.
  • Research Projects
    • Brown, H., Goc Karp, G., Scruggs, P., Paul, D., Vella, C., Son, J., & Houge Mackenzie, S. (2013). HEAL- Healthy Eating and Active Living, Blue Cross of Idaho, Foundation for Health, Inc. May, 2013. $50,000.00. Funded. 
    • Brown, H., & Goc Karp, G., & Coeur d’Alene Tribe. (2012). Partners in Preventing Health Issues through Transformation (PHITT). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. $61,020.54 Funded 
    • Kern, A., Brown, H., Scruggs, P., Goc Karp, G. & Houge MacKenzie, S. The Paddle-Bike the Coeur d’Alene Watershed (PBW) project. (2012). College of Education Innovative Grant. $11,992.00. Funded. 
    • Scruggs, P. W., Goc Karp, G., Paul, D. R., Brown, H. F., & Vella, C. A. (2011). Statewide Surveillance of Physical Education Quantity and Quality in Idaho. Idaho State Department of Education Coordinated School Health Program. $10,900. Funded. 
    • Scruggs, P. W., Paul, D. R., Goc Karp, G., & Brown, H. (2010). Statewide Prevalence and Correlates of Physical Education Physical Activity in Idaho. Idaho State Department of Education Coordinated School Health Program. $17,000. Funded. 
    • Goc Karp, G., Brown, H., Scruggs, P.W., Grindley, E., Gilmore, D., Canfield-Davis, K, & Jain, S. Partners for Healthy Lifestyles in Schools and Communities (PHALSC), (2010). College of Education Innovative Grant, $10,000.00. Funded. 
  • Outreach Projects
    • Safe Routes to School Project with the Moscow School District, City of Moscow, and Dept.of Movement Sciences. 2007-13. Total Funding $461,568.00 (Infrastructure and Education). Education component $103,134.00. Students and faculty deliver and promote safe walking and bike education
    • Idaho AfterSchool Task Force working on statewide coalition & standards for nutrition and physical activity programming.
    • Physical Activity Assessment of Plummer-Worley Schools and community
    • Moscow School District. Students and faculty deliver Wellness Activities and students develop monthly newsletter MSD Pulse.
    • City of Moscow, Active Living Task Force 'I' Count activities focusing on walking and biking participation in the community.
    • Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL). Statewide collaborative initiative to identify strategies to promote healthy eating and active living to prevent overweight and obesity.
  • Awards and Honors
    • 2013 University of Idaho Outreach Excellence Award
    • 2013 Distinguished Service Award, Idaho Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.
    • 2012 Certificate of Recognition in School Health, SDE Coordinator, State of Idaho.
    • 2012, 2005 Alumni Award for Excellence, University of Idaho
    • 2005 College Educator of the Year, Idaho Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
    • 2004 University of Idaho Teaching Excellence Award
    • 2004 Northwest District American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance College/University Professional of the Year

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