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Student Opportunity Hub

Find ways to supplement your English skills by getting involved with clubs, volunteering, internships, and jobs.

Student Clubs

Joining a student club is a great way to connect with and learn from your peers over a shared interest. They’re a flexible, fun way to be involved on campus.

The Looking Glass Honors Program Magazine can teach Honors Program students about layout and editing. For more information about becoming part of The Looking Glass editorial student group and/or how to get honors credit by producing this publication, please contact the Honors Program office at You can also download the submission guidelines.

The Creative Writing Circle is a student-led meetup where all UI students can seek help and advice on their work, as well as discuss, practice, and enjoy the creative writing process within a supportive environment of their peers. In addition to providing a space for creative writers to discuss and practice their craft, the Creative Writing Circle also hosts events like inviting accomplished UI faculty members to provide insight and advice on aspects of the writing process, from brainstorming and research, all the way to publishing! Meetings are often in the library. Please contact the Writing Center for exact dates and location.

Sigma Tau Delta is a national honor society for English students. Scholarships, awards, and grants are available through the society. This is a great venue to meet other English majors from around the country and to gain academic recognition for your work. Please contact Senior Instructor Aaron Schab at for more information.

Don’t be afraid to join a non-English related club and apply your skills in writing and proofreading. Marketing, copywriting, and editing work are all opportunities to use your English superpowers. Don’t see any clubs you like? Try starting your own!


Internships can provide opportunities for mentorship, scheduling flexibility, and paths to higher-paid positions within an organization. Interning now is a proactive choice for your career.

Apply for Internship in Tutoring Writing (ENGL 402) to become a Writing Center tutor and further develop your analytical and communication skills. Starting the fifth week of the semester until the last week of class, students also work in the Writing Center for four hours a week as part of the course requirements. After completing English 402, students are eligible to apply for a part-time paid position as a writing tutor.

Apply to be an Ambassador for the largest college on the University of Idaho campus: the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences. As a CLASS ambassador you’ll be directly connecting with prospective students and informing them of all the programs and opportunities CLASS has to offer. You will gain experience in public speaking, pitching, networking, and more. Learn more.

Work directly with the Department of English by becoming an English Ambassador. One to two students will represent the Department of English and assist them with social media and department events. Students will attend UI Bound and other events for new students, and consult with members of the board on student concerns and class ideas. Credits will range from 1 to 3. Email for more information.

Thistle is University of Idaho’s undergraduate literary journal, which publishes work by U of I students and is edited by students in the English department. To get involved with Thistle, register for the Thistle editing/publishing course, which is offered each Spring semester.

Fugue is a nationally recognized literary magazine edited by University of Idaho graduate students, with a staff of graduate and undergraduate readers. In a one-credit internship with Fugue, you will read submissions of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry from writers all over the country. You’ll learn more about selecting strong writing, and will work closely with other readers and editors. Register for English 298 or 498 for this internship.


The jobs available to English students vary across many fields. The university offers several avenues for students to access resources that connect them to jobs on campus, as well as connections off campus.

The Argonaut publishes weekly news in print and daily news online. They write about news, sports, life, and opinions. The Argonaut includes writing on multiple levels of detail, analysis, and bias. They publish standard story coverage, analysis coverage, and columns. In addition to reporting, students can create the newspaper’s political cartoons, photography, design/illustrations, or copy edit stories for grammatical and factual accuracy. All content is in AP style.

General staffers are paid for each assignment. Editors receive a weekly stipend in addition to assignment-based pay. Apply for student media positions with BlotThe Argonaut and/or KUOI by filling out this survey.

Blot includes longer journalistic pieces and creative writing (typically a short story and poem per issue). There are four issues published in print per year, and there’s more creative freedom than The Argonaut.

General staffers are paid for each assignment. Editors receive a weekly stipend in addition to assignment-based pay. Apply for student media positions with Blot, The Argonaut and/or KUOI by filling out this survey.

KUOI staff, in addition to DJ-ing, also write blog posts about music. They aim to write at least one post per month, which is great for those looking for variety, lots of leeway, and a relaxed, music-first environment. Apply for student media positions with BlotThe Argonaut and/or KUOI by filling out this survey.

For high-quality, free help contact Career Services. You can schedule an appointment through VandalStar to meet with your career advisor, attend drop-in hours 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, and learn from their workshops and events. Moreover, our university career platform, Handshake, hosts student-oriented job postings available.

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