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Katie Malek

Katie Malek

Research Specialist


Marshall Building, Room 120



Mailing Address

Aberdeen Research and Extension Center
University of Idaho
1693 S 2700 W
Aberdeen, ID 83210

Katie researches for fungal and bacterial pathogens that affect potatoes. She assists with fungicide trials and sampling research plots as well as commercial fields to test for foliar diseases.

B.A., Idaho State University, 2012

  • Alternaria solani
  • Phytophthora infestans
  • Phytophthora erythroseptica
  • Pythium ultimum
  • Rhizoctonia solani
  • Fusarium spp.

  • Miles, T.D., Fairchild, K.L., Merlington, A, Kirk, W.W., Rosenzweig, N. and Wharton, P.S. 2013. First Report of Boscalid and Penthiopyrad-Resistant Isolates of Alternaria solani Causing Early Blight of Potato in Michigan. Plant Disease.
  • Miles, T.D., Miles, L.A., Fairchild, K., and Wharton, P.S. 2014. Screening and characterization of resistance to succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors in Alternaria solani. Plant Pathology. Vol 63. Issue 1, 155-164.
  • P. Wharton, K. Fairchild, A. Belcher, and E. Wood. 2012. First Report of In-Vitro Boscalid-Resistant Isolates of Alternaria solani Causing Early Blight of Potato in Idaho. The American Phytopathological Society. Vol. 96. No. 3, 454.
  • J. W. Woodhall, J. D. Barbour, K. Fairchild, and P. S. Wharton. 2020. First Report of Rhizoctonia solai Anastomosis Group 2-1 Affecting Shoots of Humulus Iupulus in Idaho. The American Phytopahtological Society. Vol. 104. No. 9, 2520.

I grew up in southeastern Idaho (Pocatello) and fell in love with the outdoors. My grandmother was my main influence and taught me to love plants. I went on to receive my degree in biology with a botany minor from Idaho State University and was offered a dream position at the University of Idaho working on fungal and bacterial pathogens of potatoes in 2010. Since working with the university I have had the huge honor of presenting our research around the world including, Canada, Australia and Ireland. When not focused on potato research; I love spending time in my flower garden, playing tennis and skiing.


University of Idaho

Physical Address:
E. J. Iddings Agricultural Science Laboratory, Rm 242
606 S Rayburn St

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Moscow, ID 83844-2329

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